Sunday, 21 October 2018

Baby Knits and Handmade Monday

Another week and only 65 days until Christmas. This past month has flown by and the plan was to start sorting stock for the fair plus props in November, better get a wriggle on and stop making!

This week have been knitting, always love to knit in the winter something comforting about the sound of needles and the gentle crackle of a fire. Matinee jacket one of my own patterns and had to embellish with lace trim and butterflies.

Pixie Hat, have done a couple of these again with a faux silk ribbon, lace and velvet ribbon.

Two tone ribbed baby shoes, just realised that these are in Wimbledon colours, lol.

On a morning out with DH went to a local garden centre and Christmas has arrived. Going to another centre next week and know this one will be special. Love to see the decorations and could spend and arm and a leg. Think when I am older will have the house decked floor to ceiling every year, lol.

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Until next week, have fun x

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  1. I love to knit in winter too, that and crochet. There's something lovely about sitting warm and cozy with a yarn based craft watching a bit of tv on a dark evening isn't there?


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