Sunday, 14 October 2018

Storm Callum and Santa mitts

I don't appear to have done much this week mainly because making Christmas gifts and cards cannot be shown until the NY, which is a long way off!!!!

We got the tail end of Storm Callum, not so much rain but the winds, our poor trees were suffering. We also planted out a lovely box hedge only for DH to find the squirrel was pulling out the plants to deposit his winter food storage in the holes. each day DH goes out and replants taking out the nuts. Who is going to win this battle? Must get some lights that may put him off, or make it worse!

Back to crafting, been busy knitting and have made some Santa Mitts for the fair. I have put a low price point on these as they are so quick to make. Can sit and watch tv whilst knitting them, only have to concentrate for the face detail and stitching up.

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Until next week, have fun!

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