Sunday, 30 September 2018

End of September

I cannot believe where this year has gone, only seems 5 minutes ago taking the decorations down. When do yours go up for Christmas? we always start on the 30th November finishing on the 1st Dec with a lovely lunch and a film. Has become a tradition and Lee and I love Christmas, couple of big kid's really.

Back to this past week, been mundanely normal apart from Tuesday back to the vet for a booster for his nibbs. Not sure what happened there but looks as if the annual booster suppliers stuffed up. Shiloh had his jab a few weeks back then got a phone call from the vet for a booster!

We had our flu jabs last week and my arm ached for a few days, not had that since the swine flu jab! So annual boosters done for the whole family now back to normal life.

Since the big tidy in my sewing room for the photo shoot have been working but trying to keep tidy at the same time. Even though had a couple of projects on the go at once. Got come more project boxes which keeps things tidier. My craft planner is filling up nicely and so far keeping up to date.

Makes for the week cards, cards and more cards. The everyday card box has gone home with my sister for a couple of weeks, in the hopes she can sell some for me. In the mean time been working on Christmas cards.

Just to get everyone in the Christmas spirit a collage I posted to my Christmas group on FB

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Until next week which I hope will be more productive than this! Could not tell you what I have done this week but know what I should have done, oops!


  1. Oh, I know I should, but I can't think of Christmas yet. Your cards look lovely.

  2. I haven't checked out your blog for a while and I love the new look. Also it is really nice to see your smiley face in the side bar! Good luck with your card making for the big Christmas season.


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