Sunday, 16 September 2018

Handmade Monday

Welcome to another week, ever nearer Christmas. Think Autumn is almost upon us, the trees are changing colour quite quickly. I do love autumn though, walking on crisp dry mornings, the leaves crackling under your feet. Breath soft white clouds as you breath and back for hot chocolate and a sit by the fire, bliss. The heat we had in the summer a long distance memory.

Back to reality, atm anyway. Been reading 'In Her Studio' a new publication by Stampington. All about business women and their creative spaces. One comment made by Verena Fay hit home:

One day I focus on painting, one day it is all about Instagram, filming, or editing and one day is planning, organising or experimenting on something new.

This got me to thinking that I do not have a structure to my days. Okay not always a bad thing but found a box of makes that had not been photographed, added to my website nor blogged about. Found my creative planner under a load of rubbish and have now scheduled a day for social media, a day for photographing and website etc and minimum of 3 days to create a week. Will see how that goes.

Wednesday spent the morning photographing, adding to website and blogging (this one) about my new makes.

Dream Catcher collection

Wonderland cards

I like a lot of creative people hate doing the mundane jobs such as those listed above. This way making a set day I am hoping gives me focus and ensures that I do what I should!

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Until next week, happy creating.

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  1. Autumn seems to have arrived really suddenly doesn't it?
    You look like you are getting well organised for Christmas, very impressive!


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