Sunday, 23 September 2018

Party Girl, Scrubbies

Have just checked and only 93 days until Christmas, that means 54 days until the Christmas Fair. The plan is to stop making 1st November and concentrate sorting out product to take, along with any pricing labels. Stall props etc. Then if spare days will make if I feel the need.

I got through to the next stage of the Gorilla Glue Challenge, will let you know if I make the grade or not. The prize is guest blogger for a year plus supplies of glue. DH did say what am I going to do with all the glue if I win! typical man!

Makes this week:

Party Girl cards

Face Scrubbies

These are washable which means works out much cheaper than the bought ones, plus I think prettier backed with a double layer of muslin.

Had a photoshoot for Lloyds Bank this week. They contacted me back in late 2017 (which I promptly forgot about!) for a survey about technology I use for the business. Got a phone call for the 2nd interview a couple of weeks ago along with the photographer arriving yesterday. Hate having my photo taken at the best of times but the chap who did the photos was  a lovely chap and made me feel at ease. Have a high regard for pro-models now as not sure how they do it for hours. I was exhausted after 45 minutes! The images if used will go in their business marketing brochures for potential business clients.

Had a phone call from my sister and her sewing group want to see my cards. Got to get a move on with the Christmas ones now but will let her have the every day box first, then swap to Xmas when done.

All go at Ocala Towers.

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Have a fun week

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  1. The photo shoot pic looks great (you shared it on IG or FB didn't you? I definitely saw it in the week somewhere!) You sound so organised, I'm very impressed!


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