Sunday, 2 April 2017

Missing last week

Apologies for missing last weeks Handmade Monday, got distracted by the beautiful weather and the garden. Not that I do much actual garden but I do have to ensure that DH is planting things in the right place, well someone has to supervise him, lol.

Less of this

and more of this needed

Could be because I am procrastinating a bit or could be because spent ages making a bag only to find I had measured the wrong frame, hence had to order and await for the delivery. Anyway arrived and made up and think now back on track. Image in the framed picture below.

Met up with a friend for a coffee and chat this past week. Have mentioned Jenny before she runs Women Only Connected, worth a look as free to join and advertise. For women only, the aim to support and help other women. 

Any way Jenny agreed to send out an image of some of my designs in the next newsletter, fingers crossed, selection made and played with 'Image Capture' for the frame:

Also added an Easter Mug rug, I love this design vintage in feel and so cute.

Finding Events or Not!!!!!

Since I got turned down for the Home and Vintage fair been struggling to find a suitable venue. Either far too expensive, got to be sensible here, or just not right. Talking to a friend on Sunday from Gloucester she said the same as me that craft fairs are almost dead. Her and her DH tend to do the Agriculture shows over 3 days. 

I think it is such a shame but have considered where the problems lie, from my perspective the following have contributed:

1. Wrong venue
2. Lack of advertising
3. Too expensive to be realistic for hand makers to recoup the costs, hence given up
4. The public's perception of handmade to not much above jumble sale quality.
5. Organisers not selling stall space therefore let in franchises
6. Probably many more reasons and too many to think of

Had looked at organising my own events again but the Grayshott village hall is taken up with renting out to dance classes for a few, hence not really for the community. Closed on Sunday. Macmillan managed to book a Saturday in December for a Christmas Fair. I know village halls need to make money but always thought they were for the benefit of the surrounding areas not a privileged few, turns out I am wrong. Yet our rates go to keeping the halls going.

There is another one in the next village and this is where I do the Christmas Fair, may think about that for future use as only ever booked during the weekdays and some evenings. Weekends are free for anyone to rent and use, a far more sensible way of organisation.
Well that is me off my soap box for the coming week, lol. 

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Have fun and see you next week.


  1. Your garden looks gorgeous! I like the little Easter bunny message too!

  2. Finding fairs where the cost is not astronomical or customers are just bargain hunting can be a problem, I'm sure the right selling venues are out there for you, it's just a case of finding them. Do you sell via facebook at all? I've heard of some people having success with that and at least it's free to set up a page.

  3. Craft Fairs are such a difficult thing- especially finding the right ones! I've decided to only do the one Etsy Made Local Fair as I'm Co-Captain of my local team that organises it, and then otherwise it's all online Etsy selling for me. My work is just too niche to sell elsewhere and it ends up being very disheartening! Hope you find somewhere that suits you!

  4. What an interesting post. I don't do fairs now, but did decide that probably the only people guaranteed to make a profit were the fair organisers, so maybe that is the way to go.


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