Sunday, 19 March 2017

Spring has spung

I wandered lonely as a Cloud
That floats on high o'er Vales and Hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd
A host of dancing Daffodils;
Along the Lake, beneath the trees,
Ten thousand dancing in the breeze.

by William Wordsworth

I remember having to learn this poem as part of English Lit and always think of the words when I see daffodils. Our parish council has planted hundreds of bulbs along the verges and now out in full flower looks beautiful.

Lee has been out in the garden pruning and turning over the beds ready for the summer bedding season. We both love this time of year with more energy and seeing the happy face of the sun makes all the difference.

On the de-cluttering front my sewing room the last 2 boxes are sorted, labelling done and everything in it's own place. No excuse for trying to find and item now. Has cleared my creative blockage and raring to go.

Mentioned last week that I had done some more stitching but no battery for the camera, forgot my iPhone which actually takes better pic's in my opinion and goes straight to the iMac without all the faffing of uploading etc. Anyway the final pen holders in turquoise and lilac plus some sticky note covers, left the ribbon ties off this time as think get in the way.

Not forgetting a card for one of Lee's relatives, only took about 20 minutes but still happy with it.

A busy week as the man from Stitch Right is coming to service my embroidery machine on Tuesday, at least with him coming to me no being without the machine for days on end.

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See you all next week


  1. Some lovely makes here Caroline and like you I am appreciating the brighter mornings and the early flourishes of Spring buds and blossoms.

  2. There are hosts of daffs around here too, it's lovely to come across a roundabout full of them this time of year isn't it?
    Your stitching is lovely, and I'm with you with the photos on the phone, I often use mine as i find especially for close ups the pictures are really good. Talking of photos I'm loving how you styled these with the flower and pearls - very classy.

  3. Good for you finishing your decluttering! I start but never get very far!

  4. The pen holders are beautiful:)

  5. I love the bird pen holders. Very pretty.

  6. These are so cute, I love the 'ickle tweety birds, I'm loving the daffs too, it's great to see them along the road side. :)

  7. These came out beautifully. Did you do the card with embroidery as well? It's a great idea and I hadn't thought of that before.


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