Sunday, 12 March 2017

A week of creativity

Okay folks, de-cluttering all done in my sewing room, may tackle the large loft next but when a bit warmer.

On the making front this was a card order had to wait until after last weekend to post:

Finished the pen holder and key fobs in turquoise and lilac and some more post it note covers. sorry no photos as need batteries for the camera. did have some but Lee used them for his clock, just typical, there's me trying to be super organised and can rely on DH to wreck the procedure, lol.

I also had a newsletter through with a brilliant article from Made Urban about wondering which handmade sells best. I think this eludes us all as frequently get back from a fair or have a discussion with other stallholders "What do customers want". Now I am guilty of making too much variety, think I have the colour way down pat now and know I am recognised for this, in my case pastels (pink, taupe, grey, aqua, cream and white). 

Years ago I started making just clowns and they sold like wildfire, found it hard to keep up with the orders. Then cute mice, again the same result. Gradually over the years I have added more and more to my repertoire, now I think that is fine for websites but do agree fairs are a different kettle of fish. Funny as before this article had a discussion with my sister about the same thing and had decided for fairs to stick to frame and clutch bags, bracelets, scarves, handbag accessories. That will make my stall co-ordinated. Brochures would also be easier to produce and maybe have different brochures for different facet's ie baby,  wedding, bespoke cards etc. A lot to think about, now must get making, lol.

A very interesting read for us all:

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Until next week have fun


  1. What an interesting topic, I guess the problem is that as a creative person you are full of new ideas and want to try all the things! I've seen photos you've shared of your craft stalls and the thing that has always struck me is how co-ordinated it looks, with your pretty colour pallet.

  2. I don't 'do' fairs any more but I do love visiting and buying at craft fairs. I love your gentle roses and your colour style. I think it's ok to have a little variety as long as it all fits into a 'theme' as such. Key fobs and bag charms fit into your style, little pink mices would look uber cute :) x


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