Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter

Well did you gets lots of Easter Eggs? I am not that into chocolate so only DH to worry about and he prefers the Lindt mini eggs and that is what he got. Give me a bag of crisps any day over chocolate.

Busy in the garden this week digging out a new bed, using the turfs, as Monty Don, to start a shady rockery under a tree. Looks a bit odd at the moment as no stones or plants in either the bed or the rockery. Hopefully after a trip to the garden centre next week that should all be sorted. Our cherry tree is out though, love this tree as right in front of my sewing room window and casts a beautiful pink glow.

Sewing? well Teriann (US Stitch designer) has done some new designs this week bluebird tissue case, love this and a matching key holder still to do.

Not much else done this week on the sewing front. Check out the other blogs at Handmade Monday

Until next week......


  1. Happy Easter to you too Caroline!

  2. Happy Easter Caroline, enjoy your crisps!
    Your cherry tree is gorgeous, let's hope the wind and rain holds off for a few weeks so you can enjoy it!

  3. I love the bluebird on the tissue holder. Hope you have had a great Easter.

  4. I made it though Easter with no chocolate - Yay!!! Beautiful tissue holder.


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