Sunday, 31 January 2016

January has now passed

Got to the end of January and no snow in Hampshire, well just a minuscule bit. Has been windy, rainy and cold at times but know luckier than a lot of people. Always find January such a long month, because after the build up to Christmas not much happens as such. The tv programmes that took a mid season break are coming back and life is now back to normal. 

Opticians this week, have put off and put off but really must get our eyes tested. I just hate the bill that follows, even with special offers never a cheap trip., as need 4 pairs, long distance, computer,sewing and sun glasses.

Makes this week? frilled aprons. I bought this fabric???? cannot remember how long ago but love how they have turned out. Something different and very Vintage and French.

Scarf necklace

Have had this wool for a while, now discontinued and found a shop selling for half price, bought 3 more balls, the same again, black and silver and a sort of purple and beige one. The scarf bails are brilliant and thought the large butterflies went well, as not meant to be delicate.

First meeting at the WI as a member and it was fun, so much better than last time (about 25 years ago), think going to enjoy this 1 evening a month. They have a stitch and bitch group, may have a look, plus a crafting group. Trouble with the latter is not that advanced but may be able to give some suggestions.

Not much else made this week, with the down time am taking things easy and making and enjoying every minute, confirms that production line is not for me.

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See you next week


  1. I love the fabric on your apron, it's really pretty.

  2. The scarf necklace is fascinating. It is hard to see that it is wool, as it just looks like jewels. Love the apron fabric too.

  3. Ooo I do love a cupcake :)I've never seen these scarf bails, they're a new one for me.
    I've never gone down the WI route but I know a few peeps that do and they really enjoy it so have fun x


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