Sunday, 24 January 2016

Another week of crafting at Chez Ocala

This week has been a bit busy what with doctors follow up appointments, coffee with Jenny, planning projects, posting off the lace champagne bag, one of my OOAK's now sold and at it's new home. However, did finish off the earring designs, now have 12 options all in their posh display case. My Vistaprint order forms have arrived and the labels all done, ready to go to my sister's. Already sold a pair of the green and red apple design, think this could be a good addition to my catalogue.

Display Case

Order Forms

Happy with the display layout and feel looks more professional.

Vintage journal Lavender Sachets

The fabric I bought last week have made into lavender sachets, so pretty and think they will look good on my vintage display stall.

Wooden Flower Hearts

Loved making these as have not used ModPodge for a few years, not to mention the glue gun. Sadly burnt myself a few times with the hot glue but hopefully will get better with more use.

Have some craft items that I am destashing, tried ebay but not working, by the time I have spent ages loading onto the site, sell something with ebay fees, paypal fees might as well have given away. A village near us has table top sales once a month, restarting in March, may give that a go. Also hope to list on my website as you never know.

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See you all next week


  1. Ooh, that is a posh display case and the order forms are very professional! I really like the flowers, they look very vintage!

  2. Ooh I particularly like the wooden hearts. I know what you mean about ebay!!

  3. What lovely lavender sachets. Beautiful fabrics.

  4. All of your new stock looks very professional and stylish. Fingers crossed that everyone loves them.

  5. So professional, I love your new forms. Those earring are really pretty, my only criticism is that I'd like to see them in bigger photos - I'm sure they are stunning in real life so I am peering at my computer screen!

  6. Oooo very professional looking order forms and I'm loving your earrings :) I was like Julia and was peering at the screen until I realised that if I clicked on the pictures I'd get a bigger view. :) x

  7. I agree! Everything is nicely displayed and professional looking. Eye catching! I still love those pearl earrings!

  8. How lovely that even your order forms are pretty. Also didn't realise I could get a better view of the earrings :)


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