Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New YearTime for Reflection

Time for Reflection

Christmas is over and now ready for a New Year.  2016 what will this year hold for us?

Lee and I are not ones for shops or sales, January to me is a time to think back over the past year business wise, what has worked, what has not. As my regular readers know I am going back to what I love best and whilst I have completed the business worksheet for 2015 (if you are a member of the Professional Crafters Guild you can download the work sheets every month) know that 2016 holds new adventures.

On a personal note always feel raring to go in a New Year, just thinking all that time ahead to plan, design and stitch for Birthday and Christmas gifts for family and friends plus new makes to add to my website to give a new life blowing through the pages.

2016 is my year to teach myself some new skills plus revisit old ones long forgotten.

New skills: tapestry weaving on a loom, crochet, tambor embroidery.

Revisit: Water colour painting been a long time since done this in fact not since my O level in 1974.

Have you any plans for 2016? something for yourself or your business?

Reflecting have felt that Craft Fairs are not for me, will still do the Christmas fair in Headley (local village) but going to try out Vintage style fairs instead. Tbh have had enough of craft fairs, loading the car, unloading and setting up, being optimistic only to come crashing to earth at the end of the day, pack up, load the car and trundle home. Thinking of the time wasted and what I could have been doing instead. Since getting older (will hit the big 60 in 2017) feel that each minute and hour is precious.

From the website point of view need to work out how to get my site found more. I do get a lot of hits but turning them into sales is another matter. May take a look again at Dawanda and Etsy could never take to Folksy and being tight will not pay exorbitant fees for the likes of NOTH's etc, not that they wanted me, lol.

Plan to take my time making in 2016 and not mass producing, I prefer OOAK's and this way each item will be unique. As going to use a lot of recycled buttons, lace etc this will fit in perfectly.

I wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year and thank you for reading and commenting in 2015.

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  1. It's a great time of year for reflection, I'm also planning on learning some new skills and making time to do some crafting just for pure pleasure.

  2. I love the New Year Image you've used, it's so sweet. I too prefer stay away from the shops at this time of year. Too much jostling through crowds, I'd much rather stay home and 'play'. I'm looking forward to seeing your new makes in the coming year. Take care and have fun with your watercolours :)

  3. Learning a new craft is always exciting and re-visiting old ones and seeing how your style might have changed over time.

  4. Happy new year! I too am learning new crafts- good luck and look forward to seeing your new skill makes :) xx


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