Sunday, 17 January 2016

Earrings, Earrings everywhere

This week has been colder and sadly had a funeral to attend on Friday, at least not raining which makes things even more depressing.

I have joined the local WI again! was a member about 20 years ago but not sure why did not enjoy that much, think maybe for our local one too young at the time. Now? must admit so far as a guest have enjoyed it and seems to have moved on from how it was before. This one is very active in all sorts of things to do, not sure will join in all as do not have the time but will go to all the meetings.

Next week meeting up with Jenny Wagstaff owner of Women Only Connected for coffee at Forest Lodge. Jenny started WOC for women in business and had a major problem with the website mid year. She was let down badly and nearly everything was lost but with the help of her son Chris, they have rebuilt  the site and now on a US server, so fingers crossed all goes well.  We have got friendly and it is so good to chat to a like minded individual. If you are a woman in business please take a look at joining WOC, no membership fee and a free advert for your business. You also get the chance to talk to other business women and ask for help. If you joined WOC about June time onwards you will have to re-register, if you want an invitation just drop me a line at:

I mentioned earrings last week, had a job with the photography as nothing seemed to work but now quite happy with the look. 7 pairs so far just another 5 to go. Got to decide do I go for it and spend the money or take it slowly. Using sterling silver ear wires and Swarovski crystals. Decisions, decisions.

Had said I was not going to buy any more fabric but then a newsletter arrived in my inbox and could not resist. Vintage Journal by Makower, have bought a length of the postcards and the beige swallow print. The plan is to make the postcards into lavender sachets. Had thought to back with the swallow print, the rose is my favourite pattern. Hoping to make a frame bag out of the swallow print as well, should manage it, if not will just have to buy some more, lol so bad.

Another newsletter advising of a sale, what did I find? Paris Boutique print fabric, you guessed it bought some of this as well.

I don't know these suppliers tempting me with all sorts of goodies, still does not eat or drink.

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  1. I love those Swarovski earrings AND the Paris fabric is just lush! Not surprised you were succumbed to temptation xxx

  2. Oh, the pearl earrings are divine! Pearls never go out of style as far as I'm concerned. They're simply elegant.

  3. I'd find those supplies irresistable too. I love your earrings, they're very classy.

  4. love the earrings! yay for WI in the future i would love to join one :) love the paris fabric :)


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