Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bumble Bees have taken up residence

We have a nest of Bumble bees in the soffits above the garage, varying sizes buzzing around their daily business. Checked with the local Bee Keepers Assoc and they say they will be gone by mid August at the latest. As protected they can stay, must admit they do not seem bothered about DH,dog and myself. I hang my washing out there and they just swerve to avoid me, peaceful fluffy creatures.

Funny about the bees as started my Bee Hive collection, maybe an omen that I have chosen right. Must admit do love bumble bees they make me think of long hot summer days, picnics in a park, reading in the garden under the scented roses, ahhhh! bliss. What better than an English summer.

Weather has been so good this week must admit struggled to actually work and find early morning is the best time. We get up about 5.30 most days and out for a wonderful walk with Shiloh, only see a few dog walkers (we are a mad bunch) and all the nature just perfect. Back to work did get some items done and still working on some more:

Bumble Bee clutch bags in a bee print cotton with a bumble with 3D wings

Bumble pins


Honey Jar and Honey Bee Mug Rug (this took almost 3 hours of stitching each and not sure will repeat)

Key Fobs

Honey Bee fabric bowl

Think that finishes the Bee Hive collection for now, have to sit and plan what I am going to do next week.

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Have a great summer week and judging by the forecast temperatures stay cool.


  1. Your bumblebee collection is beautiful! It looks like so much care goes in to each piece, the attention to detail is remarkable!

  2. Lovely, I especially like the fabric bowl :)

  3. I love the look of bees and I am a big honey fan but I must admit that I do go into 'freeze mode' when one comes too close to me. I don't mind seeing them in the garden when they are busy with the flowers. I adore all your bee items, the 3d wings are really pretty.
    Jan x

  4. Wow, what beautiful work, I'm not surprised each mug rug took so long, the detail is amazing,

  5. What a beautiful collection, I particularly love the bumble pins.

  6. I love the pins. Everything you make is so beautiful.

  7. amazing detail on each item- cant pick a favourite as love it all! x


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