Sunday, 7 June 2015

A wonderful week

Started off not too good weather wise but got better as the week went on. Had coffee with a new friend and business colleague on Wednesday, a lovely chat and excellent coffee. Hair cut on Thursday with another visit to the garden centre, this time for pebbles, did not cost anything as had some loyalty vouchers from them, now that is the type of buying I love.

Finished the new bed with the pebbles, so much neater than before.

When looking for sewing themed fabric for the scissor keepers last week came across these wooden spools. Had bought about 4 years ago and never used, although did have a plan.

As dismal on Sunday wanted something where the machine did the work and I could just embellish. Spool pin cushions with sewing mice round the centre.

Think they feel quite Vintage in style and enjoyed making them.

Not a lot of crafting done as had to 'help' DH with the kitchen ceiling. What is it with men that they always need help, grrrr!!!!! 2 washes and 2 top coats later looking good, all ready for Andrew to finish the lights on Monday, then will be able to see again. Not good fumbling round the kitchen with just a hob light on, lol and I am a tad clumsy.

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That is all for this week, enjoy the good weather and maybe summer has started


  1. aww they look so cute- yay for free pebbles! x

  2. Gorgeous pin cushions, its always nice to make a mundane object like a pin cushion into something really pretty and stylish too.

  3. They just look so sweet. I'm all for free shopping, just the best!

  4. Hehe! These are very cute and very original! Never seen anything like the before!

  5. Love the vintage reels. What a great use for them.

  6. Aww those little mice are so cute! Good luck with the kitchen, i hope its all done soon :) x

  7. What a brilliant idea! And they look lovely Caroline :)

  8. Such cuties, I love the vintage look.
    I'm putting off decorating the spare room, I usually love decorating but there is so much to move before starting.
    Jan x


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