Sunday, 21 June 2015

On Holiday, hmm!

Been on a sort of holiday this week but finally pulled my finger out and made some more stock for the Sewing Room collection:

Scissor Keepers

Needle Cases

Pin Cushions

Key Fobs

The key fobs are a new in the hoop design and think they turned out well.

I have a break from events until the 12th September, this gives me plenty of time to add new products but mainly I must tidy my workroom, bought a new chest of drawers and filled the drawers with 'stuff'. None of it sorted and boxes under the desk. Being a cold room ideal to do this when we get the summer heatwave, okay don't laugh but can live in hope.

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Have a good week and hope the weather is kind to you all


  1. I love how your sewing room collection is growing. That fabric is wonderful.

  2. Love the material you've used :-)
    The scissor keepers are great, those pesky scissors do like to hide around the sofa cushions!

  3. I love the fabric you've made these things in - I have the sewing one which I made a crochet hook holder with. I too need to tidy and organise my craft room - I can barely get in it!!

  4. You seem to find such lovely fabrics.

  5. I do like the material you have used for the sewing items. So unique. Tidying up doesn't last long here, soon goes back to normal haha

  6. I love the embroidery on the pin cushions.
    I've got a nasty feeling I missed the heatwave when I blinked.

  7. Awesome Fabric!!
    BTW, I **WISH** that I could get INTO my "STASH"-Room!!

  8. Cute stuff! I too love the vintage feel of the cloth that you used for your creations! Great idea on the scissors...although I think I need something that can be LOCKED down as my scissors always seem to "walk off". ;)

  9. Brilliant 'vintage' fabric, ideal for gifts. :)
    I'm still waiting for the heatwave!!
    Jan x

  10. lovely stuff! hope have a nice well deserved break :) x


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