Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Quiet Week

This week has been quiet on the making front as 

1. Too hot to do much and 
2. Wimbledon got in the way 

Loved the Heather Watson and Serena Williams (never heard of her! only the British No. 1 Lady). You go girl and you did good Heather, you did it for GB. Okay she lost but what a battle, think strength won out but Heather is still young and hopefully back next year.

Had Simon round to give us a quote for the kitchen, waiting on the figures now and fingers crossed in budget. The old units look so tired in fact positively exhausted. Planning on having tongue and groove round the lower part of the walls, mosaic tiles round the kitchen units, olive green cupboards with a quartz worktop. Will be so perfect when done and an extra cupboard coming into the middle of the room, for all my baking paraphernalia.

Booked another event for October, the Clanfield Boutique Markets. A mixed event but quite happy with that as again quite local. 

Finished this week with a trip to M & S Simply Food, yumm. spent more than we should but got so many yummy goodies. Did not have a Waitrose delivery so in theory balances out the expenditure.

Bought some wonderful fabric called 'Patchwork Jeans' from My Fabrics based in Germany, think this will be made into some zip topped tote bags, ideal for teenagers.

Working on ideas for more products for the sewing room and craft room, thinking covered buttons with an embroidery design, burlap and fabric trim, card toppers with machine embroidery etc. My head is buzzing again and keep my idea journal with me at all times to jot down suggestions. Otherwise due to my age I forget in about 10 minutes what I thought of in the first place.

Going to add some mini free standing lace hats, decorated with feathers and to make steampunk style some lace skulls.

Had planned to make a teatime bag this week but when I got down to it found I did not have enough of the main fabric. This is me being disorganised again and thought I had got over that. Still proves I have a creative brain flitting from 1 thing to the next.

Hope to have more makes to show next week. 

In the meantime check out the blogs at Lucy Blossom Crafts

Have a great week


  1. I love that fabric, I thought at first you'd made a quilt with lots of little pieces but I think it'll make a great bag. Fingers crossed for your next fair.

  2. I agree with 1, and 2, very hard to get anything substantial done! And the Heather/Serena match was great x
    Clanfield, that's a familiar name my Great Aunt and Uncle used to live there! x

  3. I didn't manage to get to watch any tennis this year :(
    but I have managed to get some horsy painting done ;)
    I agree about having a journal handy, I think most of us crafters have butterfly minds and need to write things down..... now what was I saying???!!!

  4. Oooo! LOVE the fabric! - Thought it was a finished quilt at first glance! ;-D

  5. I echo that the fabric is gorgeous, your bag will look fab made with it. Strawberries and ice cream...yum!

  6. Love the fabric, agree with the tennis as I'm sitting here watching Andy Murray and reading blogs!!

  7. I too was convinced you had made a gorgeous quilt! Lovely fabric:)

  8. That fabric is gorgeous and I'm going to have a look at that shop too! My local fabric shop is usually a horrible experience so I get most stuff from internetland.

  9. Great fabric! Looking forward to seeing the totes!

  10. I still can't believe it is Wimbledon time already! Where has 2015 gone?? x


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