Sunday, 12 July 2015

Back in the Swing

Back in the swing of things this week, my polka dot fabric arrived which enabled me to finish the Afternoon Tea Bag, must admit have fallen in love with this one as so cool and fresh to look at.

A new venture

Have been thinking for some time to add a 'Craft room' section to my website making card toppers, embellishments, quilt blocks and more. This week saw the start of the quilt blocks. Made in a soft white Kona cotton, which is a beautiful fabric. Have stitched a 5" square round the design and allowed a 1/2" seam allowance, so far a lace doily:

and some Tea Cup blocks

A fellow quilter is going to do a bit of market research for me to see if these would popular or not. Not everyone has an embroidery machine or wants one (as not cheap) and felt this filled a gap in the market.

Craft stall makes

Fabric button earrings, with sterling silver posts, 11mm diameter.

I love lavender hearts and I know have been around a long time but as I am into vintage inspired items could not resist this new in the hoop design from Germany. They smell delicious filled with Provence lavender.

A mobile phone holder for myself, think will add these to my site and craft fairs but make them without the initial for the fairs and to order personalised on my website. They are just the right size for an iPhone or similar.

Think worn myself out with the making this week, off to have a chill and by the time this blog is published Wimbledon should be over.

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  1. My goodness you've been so busy this week! !
    I really loved the afternoon tea bag. And those little hearts are delightful!

  2. So many gorgeous makes as always, i love your afternoon tea bag - so fun, and i think your tea cup blocks are a great idea, like you say, not everyone has access to an embroidery machine and they're so pretty :) x

  3. I am sure the tea cups will be really popular.

  4. Wow, so busy. The teacup embroideries are beautiful. I can imagine people wanting to buy them, you're right that most people don't have access to an embroidery machine. Good idea.

  5. So many gorgeous makes, you've had a very busy week. I'm sure your quilt blocks will be really popular.

  6. The bag and the daily are especially beautiful.

  7. Love the teacup embroideries, I'm sure embroidered blocks would do well as not everyone embroiders. I think initial blocks would be good too. x

  8. Wow you have been busy! love the bag the colours are fresh and reminds me of cucumber sandwiches and jam scones :P good luck with the new venture they look brilliant :) craft stall makes too look lovely well done x


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