Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2014, perhaps now we have lost the unlucky 13 bit 2014 will be better for so many of us. I do not make resolutions as such as know that they tend to be forgotten by mid January, however, do have a plan and this time a written one. Taking each month as it comes looking into the next month to see what is going on, in this case Valentines day. List of items to make and must have the done by the 14th January, photographed, detailed and posted to my website. I know I may drift off my path but making sure that I have reminders to put me straight again.

I love a New Year feels like the slate has been wiped clean a bit like new text books at the start of term. Pristine pages, so to speak, just waiting for new crafting creations to be imagined and interpreted into new gifts and cards. Yes this year I am going back to making cards and a few other ideas of embroidered card toppers to open up a new section on the Carolee Crafts website: The Craft Room. A place to open the door and find treasures to embellish cards and other makes. So much to do and experience in a long year stretching ahead, fun things to think about such as backing cards, logo's, packaging and more. 

Again a very warm welcome to 2014 and all it holds in it's 365 pages, to be opened just one page at a time, please come along on my journey and maybe make a journey of your own to.

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