Sunday, 15 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Not long now and are you ready? we are decorations up, pressies wrapped, cards done and posted, menu's prepared just need to print off and then eat drink and be merry.

David Bailey I am not but this gives you a feel could just do with some of the white stuff outside and even better and should have lit the fire.

My helper! Shiloh

Just realised he almost matches the new carpet, could be good for the moulting seasons.

Have a very Happy Christmas and here's hoping for a prosperous New Year, well better than the last would be good. What do you do over the Christmas holiday? between Boxing Day and New Year I get out the journals and start to plan for next year, things I want to make, new directions, new beginnings, new experiences, hopefully making each day count as a special day.

Happy Christmas

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  1. looks fantastic! we are putting ours up sat :D during the hols probably going to relax and knit (maybe practise some crochet) after a hectic term think need to relax lol enjoy hun x


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