Saturday, 25 January 2014

Another Arrival

Daphne's Diary

Issue 3 has arrived and every bit as good as the first 2. I love the style of this magazine and some excellent projects on the inside. Sorry to say but so much better than the UK ones, sadly every new UK publication that appears on the shelves I buy, only to feel let down by content and layout. Leaves me thinking save my money next time yet the US and now this Dutch publication are brimming with good content, not treating the reader as if in kindergarten. Accepting that sometimes we do want and expect more from publications.

You can get in WH Smiths but prefer to order from Unique Magazines

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  1. What a nice looking magazine. What annoys me about some in the shop, is, they have a wrapping, so I can't flip through it to see if the contents are to my taste.


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