Sunday, 22 July 2012

Handmade Monday No 76

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is warming up, Hooray!!! about time to.

The change in weather is so good and makes such a difference, think we were all getting the SAD syndrome from too much dark and wet days, poor plants will wonder what is happening whilst the weeds reign supreme.

Parisian Collection continues....

Postcard wristlets, been a long time since I have made these in fact looking back about 8 years then about 20 years before that but now able to use machine embroidery and make I feel special.

French Court Bee Wristlet

Made in vintage french bee print fabric, lined in cream, handy zip closure and wrist strap.
Measuring 17 X 13cms an ideal size

Parisian Rose Wristlet

Rose printed linen,  lined in cream, handy zip closure and wrist strap.
Measuring as French Bee Wristlet

French Bee Honey and Vanilla Sachets

Using up some of the left overs had a think and thought the idea of hexagon shaped sachets with a honey bee design and of course honey and vanilla pot pourri,  measure approx 11 X 10 cms

Must admit love this fabric so much have managed to source some more.

A reminder that it is International Friends day on the 5th August for anyone wanting to make some 'Friend' gifts or cards. If you want to join the 'Friends linky party on the 4th let me know and will add you to an email reminder.

The workforce is now 14 months old, not much help so the work part does not happen. We hope that he will not grow much more as already huge. Apparently Goldens do not grow up mentally until 3 at the least, eek!!

Have a wonderful summer week and don't forget the sun protection and check out the other blogs at Handmade Harbour
The not so helpful workforce


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Can't really add to that as your work is amazing! Enjoy the sunshine, Jo x

  2. Shiloh is look so lovely - he relay is a gorgeous dog. Lovely makes - like the bumble bees. Hope yo have a good week.

  3. I love the fabrics a lot - especially the rose one as it is so pretty and classic looking. A lovely set of makes this week - well done:)

  4. Love the honeycomb design on the pot pourri sachets! Shiloh looks gorgeous too - much more helpful than my workforce who eats the remnants of fabric that fall to the floor when I am working! X

  5. I really like the fabrics you have used - especially the rose one as it is pretty and classic. Well done on all your makes this week - quite a lot! Have another good week :)

  6. your wristlets are super! very chic and charming with the paris theme :) the honey bee design on the sachets is so cute!

    our dog is 12 months now and still v puppyish :)

  7. Just the thing for holidays, saves taking a bag out. Lovely material and lovely dog, he looks like he's got some character!

  8. I love these especially the Parisian Rose,they're gorgeous. I love your dog too!

  9. All your fabric is gorgeous I couldn't choose a favourite. Your dog is lovely I bet he's lots of fun. Have a crafty week. Ali x

  10. Your wristlets are beautiful, I particularly like the rose print linen - goes with the more summery weather :)

  11. Wow how big is Shiloh! Time flies doesn't it, I remember when you were waiting to bring him home!
    Lovely items as usual Caroline!
    Hope you have a lovely week x

  12. Those wristlets look beautiful. I'm sure those sachets smell gorgeous too.

  13. Love the bee fabric, where did you find it? Alf is 4 and 1/2 years now and still thinks he is a puppy. Some dogs, like men, never grow up...

  14. oh my goodness! your sewing and the fabrics you use are absolutely STUNNING! im sooo impressed!

  15. I love your wristlets, they're really elegant and the fabric is beautiful!

  16. The bees are fantastic, what great fabric. Aww your dog is gorgeous!
    Doesn't the weather make all the difference, it's so much more cheerful when its sunny.


  17. Your wristlet bags are so pretty. Love the pink design ones. Hugs Mrs A.

  18. Beautiful as always. Love the rose print wristlet especially.

  19. I just love the Parisienne themed items.

  20. The sachets are a great idea, you have some great fabric.

    Brooke x

  21. The wristlets are such a good idea and very pretty too. Can't believe how time flies - Shiloh is looking so big now!


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