Sunday, 15 July 2012

Handmade Monday No. 75

Another week and more crafting with Handmade Harbour

What a week the hose pipe ban finally lifted but so much rain would not want to use the hose anyway, even the geese are getting fed up at the mill and huddling together for warmth and shelter under the trees. Shiloh hates getting wet, this is despite the fact that he is supposed to enter the water at shoots etc so been a fun week. A good week for crafting in between dealing with shouts of help from Lee as he decorates his music room, what is it with men can they not do anything without the wife as back up? He was the one that wanted to do the ceiling not me, stupid idea but then again! Men!

Fashionista Tote Bag

In a fun girly print with hearts, butterflies, mirrors, crowns, make up and more, lined with white and an outlined strappy sandal embroidered on the front.

Fashionista Loaf Bags

Using up all the scraps with two large and one small handy loaf bag, these bags are great as they stand all by themselves.

Rose in the News

Saw this idea in paper, making party bags out of newsprint and adding a paper doily to the top to close and wondered what it would look like interpreted in fabric, quite happy a small but perfectly formed bag.

This week working on some more additions to the Parisian Collection, stitched postcard wristlets ideal for days out when only the bare necessities are needed, in linen and bumble bee printed fabric, with roses thrown in for good measure.

That is all Folks have a happy creating week



  1. A dry day! Amazing. Back to normal from tomorrow though. I love the newspaper material and looks so good as the bag. The tote bag is gorgeous - very pretty material. Hope you have a good (and dry) week.

  2. The hose pipe bans have been such a joke! Heres to a dryer week for us all! P x

  3. I think the doily looks really great on top of the newsprint with the flower adding a nice splash of colour. Let's hope we see some more sun soon!

  4. My laptop is playing up, I think. That comment was posted before I had finished typing! I love the newsprint fabric and the fabric doily definitely adds interest and prettiness! x

  5. Looks like you've been busy as usual Caroline! The newsprint and doily bag is very interesting indeed- I do love newsprint (as you may have guessed from my branding!)

  6. I do like the newspaper fabric.

  7. gorgeous girlie fabric! i've not heard the term 'loaf bag' before but is does suit them perfectly!

    your print and doily bags are such a fun idea, i bet you had great fun making them :) x

  8. The loaf bags are a great shape and they hold so much. As for decorating... I do it all :o)

    Thanks for popping over to 'see' me. Yes that shop is lovely, the produce is so fresh and everyone really friendly. It's a beautiful area.

    Jan x

  9. lovely little girlie bags

  10. I love the fabric for the tote and loaf bags. Hope the decoratings progressing well, it's the preparation that seems to take ages. Have a crafty week. Ali x

  11. Those newsprint bags with the doilies as flaps look good. I now have a vision in my head of your hubby painting the ceiling to rival the Sistine chapel! hugs Mrs A.

  12. Love the bags,especially the loaf bags.I've never seen those before-they're fab!

  13. oh dear! I hope that ceiling's finished! My other half won't even touch the paint! I've currently been trying to paint the kitchen for the past few months!
    Lovely makes, in particular paper themed bags - lovely :) x

  14. Love the name loaf bag... they look really great and I have so much that I could fill them with! :)

  15. The reason for Lee wanting you there is so if anything goes wrong, he has someone to blame other than himself ;-)

    Those newsprint bags are a really good idea.


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