Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Tribute to a dear Friend

Friendship seems such a simple word but can become all encompassing in your life. We all need friends whether they are near or far.

Just over a year ago I met  a wonderful lady online, confident I can now call her a best friend. She has been through hard times but will always email me with a smile considerate of what is going on in my life. Never moans when she has every right to, sends me fantastic pic's of her two fur babies and cares. Her friendship has made my life better and I would love one day to meet up in person. She has had some bad news over the last week and whilst I am not there in person hope she knows I am there in spirit and that the following verse tells her that she and her family are in my thoughts all the time:

Thought of the week what do you consider to be a true friend and do you have a friend whom you may have neglected unintentionally. Remember our friends choose us for who we are not what we have or may give and a true friend is always there through thick and thin.

International Friendship Day is on the 30th July and although some way off at the current rate of knots the year will soon whizz past and the day will be here before you know it. Are you going to join in Friendship Day it would be so good to have a special blog for that day honouring a special friend, if interested email your interest with the header 'Friendship Day' and I will diary to start a blog hop on the 30th.and contact you to remind you a week before on the 23rd. Your blog could be Friend based things you have made or tributes to someone special in your life.



  1. That is so nice. She will love it. You are right to cherrish your friend because it is so true, friends like that cannot be bought.

  2. A lovely card and friends are very important in one's life. Good idea about the blog hop on Friendship Day - am sure it will be very popular.

  3. A lovely and thoughtful post. It's amazing how the internet has opened up lives and connected us to people we may never have met. I can't imagine life without it now!

  4. Oh Caroline,
    What can I say, written words can mean so much and I sobbed when I read your blog. You are one of the most kindest and caring people I have ever know and I am so glad you are my friend.
    Also, to send a gift to someone who you have never met or spoken too speaks volumes for the type of person you are.
    Thank you for being in my life. xx

  5. A lovely post, the blog hop for Friendship Day sounds a lovely idea.

    Take care

    Jan x


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