Sunday, 29 January 2012

A New Chinese Year

We are now in the year of the dragon by the Chinese Calendar a good excuse to develop a collection of all things oriental, something mysterious about the East maybe not as much as 50 years ago but legends still surround this area of the world steeped in tradition.

Oriental Doll Door Pillow

I got this fabric through a fellow crafter on Facebook who was destashing, only enough to make the one pillow and seems elusive to get anymore but love the vibrant colours which are so unlike me. The embroider design is beautiful in cerise and red with of course black and white.

Dragon Velvet Embroidery Evening Bag

Got this bag finished did not think would make the deadline but here it is black velvet and printed satin with gold cord and tied together with black ribbon.

Friendship Day 30th July

I did a blog on this recently and plan to do a blog roll call on that day, does not clash with HM. Can be something you have made specifically for Friendship day or just a tribute to someone special. If you want to join in email me with the title "Friendship Day' and I will remind you approx 10 days before the date so we can all join in on that day, 1 sign up so far, come on guys it will be fun.

Look what I won from 'With u in Mind' thank you Kat

a box full of goodies to play with, thank you

Giveaway Jacobean Initial Sachet

Following on from Kat's giveaway thought a giveaway a good idea for the Chinese New Year celebrations.
A machine embroidered initial (of your choice) sachet in Jacobean style scented with lavender. Each comment will be allocated a number in the sequence made and then one number drawn at random. I will contact you for address details. In your comment please leave the Initial that you would like if you win.

Measures approx 10 X 10cms, some letters may be a larger square. Backing fabric Shakespeares Flowers Script in green.

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Chief Helper! NOT!!!!


  1. I love the cushion. Reminiscent of a bag I have on the go in its colourways but not its subject. Have a great week :)

  2. Wow! You have been so busy and over so many different mediums... however do you find the time to complete everything and to such a high standard?

    *stands back in admiration!*

  3. Love the colours and embroidery on that sachet, beautiful!

  4. Amazing bag, just love the fabric. Isn't it a nightmare when you find something brilliant and then can't find any more of it! Happens so often!

  5. where did my comment go? I was just saying isn't it annoying when you find a lovely fabric and then can't get any more of it. Was also saying, love your cushion!

  6. The colours on these are gorgeous Caroline. I have seen a fabric similar to these oriental ones in a shop in Bexhill in East Sussex so it is definitely out there. Good luck finding some more :-)

  7. Wow, love the embroidery on that cushion.

  8. Oooh, such lovely items. I love the dragon bag.

    Well done on your lucky win, great prize.

    The letter is gorgeous, would look fab in a 'D' for my Mum.

    I dont know were you find the time either.


  9. The black velvet looks lush and is fab with the dragon.

    Ooo put me down for the giveaway! Would love an L


  10. I love that oriental pillow! There's just something exotic yet refined about the orient that I enjoy.

  11. OOhh that evening bag looks exotic and the 'Doll Pillow' looks sweet, two completely different looks.
    A great prize from Kat, can't wait to see what you do with it all.

    The Friendship Day is such a good idea. :)

    The embroidered cushion would look lovely with the initial 'J' :)

    Jan x

  12. The oriental pillow is so pretty and that bag would look great with a slinky black dress at a posh evening do.
    I love the initial cushion too, can I enter the giveaway? I'd love the letter J. x

  13. Caroline, I love the little oriental girl cushion!! She's gorgeous.

    Thanks for taking part in the Crafty-Bitz weekend x

  14. Love the pillow - your things are really amazing Mich x

  15. Love these,especially the cushion!

  16. Such gorgeous makes this week - lots of lovely colours, especially the dragon bag. Well done on your win - look forward to seeing what you make with the goodies. Have a good week.

  17. Some lovely makes Caroling, i like the oriental cushion at the top, it looks lots of fun!
    Well done on your win. Winning something always brightens tourday, doesnt it!

    I love the little Jacobean cushion too. I think if i won I'd like a C for my mum's name too. She does a lot for me and the girls and deserves a treat now and then!

    I'll email you about Friendship day. Fab idea x

  18. Loving the cushion, very pretty!

  19. Caroline

    Oh my goodness, I just love the evening bag it's gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful week.

  20. My goodness that is beautiful. This is not helping my machine envy! well done. My initial would be P.
    The little chinese doll cushion is fab.

  21. That cushion is beautiful! Lovely fabric and lovely embroidery. Let's hope this year is lucky for us as the tradition suggests xx

  22. I love the oriental cushion, all your work is lovely, the embroidery is great! A letter N if I am lucky x

  23. I'm running a little behind today, but I love your Chinese motif today! I lived in Japan as a child and have always loved Asian things. Beautiful as always. :)

  24. Beautiful workmanship, puts my sewing to shame.
    Jo x

  25. Hi Caroline! Great show and tell today. You are right on schedule with the events. I am impressed!
    Pink hugs~

  26. That dragon has my 'K' on it LOL

    I adore the bag! Where do you find the time to finished all these lovely designs? I seem to be chasing after the clock at the moment.

    Glad you like you goodies!

  27. The heart that you use as a message holder, have I got that right? Is a great idea

  28. Love the Japanese cushions, the colours are lovely.

  29. I love everything but I did smile at the first cushion, it looks like an eye is peering round the centre pannel, I know it is part of a flower, just my quirky brain.
    The cushion with the draggon C on is fantastic. Did you do that on your new machine? It certainly isa work of art in itself.

  30. Hi!:) Oh my I do love your new things. The oriental doll pillow is the sweetest! I also love the Dragon bag. REally neat. How awesome that you won the giveaway, and the giveaway for the initial pillow is so nice too.
    I hope ya have a great week, and happy creating!!! (()) Gail

  31. Hi Caroline,
    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Where do you find the time and energy! LOL! Thank you for sharing!

    Shabby Shan's Cottage

  32. Beautiful! Caroline you always surprise me with all the gorgeous creations you have. Sorry I have not visited sooner. Always running around or busy with
    Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful week!
    Janet's Creative Pillows


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