Wednesday, 25 January 2012


It is official I love books and had some wonderful titles for Christmas, in fact all those on my Amazon 'Wish List' although now empty not for long. 

In the world of kindle and iPad books I still love the real thing. I do have books on  my iPad and they are very easy to read and for travel would be perfect and quite happy for fiction to be read in this way but to me for crafting reference, nothing better than a brand new book all pristine to open and flip through the pages. Dip in and out as the fancy takes me, sit with a cold homemade lemonade under the garden trees in the summer and browse through a book with the birds singing and the bees buzzing around on their honey collection journey, the dog mooching around ferreting for new smells and finds.

These are the titles I received all wonderful in their own right and cannot say which is my favourite, all gems with hidden treasures and inspiration:

Needless to say my Amazon 'Wish List' is growing again and I need a new and bigger bookshelf for my sewing room. To me electronic will never replace these wonderful paper tomes.

Blogging for Bliss and excellent reference point if you blog regularly or want to find out more

Victoria is a US magazine filled with wonderful places to visit and the most fantastic goodies and had to have these from the same source.

Printing by Hand for a fabric fanatic ideal

Remember Angel from Dragons Den with her distinctive Vintage style and bright red hair, I love this book and admire her for what she has achieved.

Fascinators fascinate me and thought perfect to go with my new style evening bags, all yet to be revealed.

& finally a Country Living publication and I know can here you ask what have I got this for as being a dinosaur of crafting business but I consider never too old to learn and times change along with rules and regs, this is an excellent and inspirational read whether like me crafting for more years than I care to remember or a novice. Not taking away from the US business books this is purely for the UK meaning the reference section is invaluable.

Why not share your reads and if you are as passionate about books as I am.


coming from one who does not read and thinks books are a nuisance as take the attention away from where it should be!!!! i.e. HIM


  1. Sigh. The very least you have done is make me long for that long hot summer evening shared with your cold drink and, dare I say, hot book. lol.

  2. My amazon wish list is a mile long, just keeps getting longer all with crafting books.

    Your last choice is interesting, saw a glimpse on another blog earlier, better add that one too.

  3. mmhmm, I'm now picturing myself laying under the apple tree on a chequered blanket with my hamper and a book or two! And The blogging book looks fab (as do all of them) but that one in particular - I'm off to buy!


  4. I would much rather read a 'real' book and I love the smell of new books as well!
    have a good week-end. Jo x

  5. i would like to dip into a few of those xxx


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