Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What is vintage?

Vintage, Retro, Edwardian, Regency, Victorian, Antique, Gerogian

All words that describe various era's of our world so how do you know which is which, some are quite self explanatory but others? well!

Gerogian - 1714 to 1837 overlapping with Regency
Regency - approx 1811 to 1820
Victorian - 1837 - 1901
Edwardian - 1901 - 1910
Antique - at least 100 years old 
Vintage - Mainly 1920 to 1960
Retro - about 15 to 20 years old

The timescales for Vintage and Retro do tend to move and now in some cases includes up to the 80's. Either way these styles are fondly followed today and in some cases never really date and can be very valuable. Vintage is having a revival whether due to the recession or looking back to a gentler time when things were simpler, maybe not as easy but certainly a quieter time when you did have time to 'smell the roses' and chat to neighbours, get to know people instead of passing in the street with no acknowledgment. 

I am lucky to live in a small Hampshire village and the residents do stop and talk, say 'Good Morning', the owners of the local shop know their customers by name gives  a warm glow and feeling of belonging so maybe that is why vintage is so hankered for of day's gone by when sometimes things were better. Mind you could not do without the computer or my digital sewing machine let alone the washing machine but do enjoy just sitting doing hand embroidery or water colours to while away a few hours. To sit and read in the garden or now winter by the fire, a good book and cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Time to sit and think and not be bothered with the rat race and impersonation of ants that goes on in cities.

Looking back over my last few posts they have mainly been about the crossroads in my life, could be the time of year, the realisation that I am not getting any younger and tbh am just fed up with the direction I have been plodding in plus off course with the big tidy up have not made a sausage. Have quite enjoyed the time away from the machine but am looking forward to some Christmas gifts that are still to be made. A handmade Christmas where possible this year can be difficult and some will have a amazon voucher to add books to their Kindle as not everyone is into handmade.

Cherish your yesterday's
dream about tomorrow
but live for today


  1. I think you're right - nostalgia is big at the moment for a reason! I love handmade but an Amazon voucher for my Kindle would be loved too.

  2. Thought provoking and yes we're stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, things are so designed now to save us time and yet we seem to have less to spend enjoying the simple things in life (the things that matter), always important to make room for these too.


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