Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Handmade by Me Thursday

"Today is the first day of the rest of our lives"

Never sure where this saying originated from but so very true along with

"Tomorrow never comes"

I think we all get wrapped up in our own problems, that is human nature, waking up with pain or a worry is never good but we only have one of each day we live, never to get that day back. Every now and then I stop and think about that fact and realise that each day I am getting older as are those around me. Things are said that would be best kept within ourselves but once said cannot be taken back only apologised for. This post is really a continuation of my journey from Monday's post.

I had a comment on my Monday blog this week from a lovely lady whom I admire by what she has acheived and her business standing. Her words made me realise along with others that I did have the right to change or revert direction and that being true to myself and my abilities was priceless. I think we all come to a crossroads in our lives whether on a personal or business front and I have struggled over the past few years on sales and realise that I have tended to go down the route that was expected of me, try this or try that. Noticed that the quality of my stall display has also gone downhill and sat and realised that the passion had gone this in turn is affecting my motivation. 

Now  decision time do I carry on? Hell yes I love what I used to do, love to make unique pieces that may take hours and okay will not get the cost back for my time but I know that my time spent is so fulfilled and satisfied,  to produce a work of art at the end that I am proud to put my name to and display at an event. Nothing better than rummaging in antique shops for bits of vintage lace, broken jewellery to add to a creation that has been made with love.

Thank you MB for the encouragement that you gave me and all the Pink Ladies, your help and advice is priceless.

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  1. You sound quite serious about re-aligning your ambitions. Go for it. You are quite right, when each sun sets that day has gone for ever. Don't end up looking back and thinking 'If only'. Waste of precious time. Jolly good luck to you. I wish.... Ah well, I didn't did I.

  2. Your post really made me think Mich :)

  3. I really think the best work is the one that your heart and soul has gone into, the items that you can spend hours on and not realise that all that time has flown by.
    You are so right to concentrate on doing the work you love, you won't have regrets and, like you said, will feel so satisfied.

    Good Luck and I look forward to seeing what 2012 brings.


  4. Absolutely right. I have been floundering a bit, and trying a bit of this and that and wondered if I should carry on doing what 'I' want for once. Your words have just made me realise the answer to that is YES.

    Hope you can convince others to do the same.

    Lynda x


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