Thursday, 24 November 2011

Handmade by Me Thursday

Another Thursday and sorry no creations from me this week. My machine made an awful noise and died on Sunday, so now sitting in a repair shop in Woodham hoping? (well not really more later) to be repaired. Back to the repairs have my eye on a new machine, my Janome is very old now and have decided to move away from Janome and back to Viking. My old blue and silver viking was a gem and so good not sure why I ever changed. I do like the Janomes but their software is not that good and they are so expensive object to paying the same price for a sewing machine as a small car.

So this is a picture of my dream so watch this space.

Craft Fairs

There is always a lot of controversy surrounding handmade fairs and this year I have not exhibited at as many, why? mainly due to the cost of the rents and competing with bought in goods as they have to go away from handmade to fill the halls. Sad times and have made the decision for 2012 to concentrate on my website and the selling sites, think sometimes we can spread ourselves too thin and I for one end up running round like a headless chicken trying to achieve all and ending up achieving nothing. This is all part of my New Years resolution for my business to consider opportunities more carefully and do what is right for the business and me.

I hope that the true handmade fair will return it always does as the old saying
'What goes around comes around'

Have a wonderful Handmade Thursday


  1. Hope you'll have as much fun with your new machine as I'm having atm with mine. Shame about your local fairs - we have some great ones locally here in Hampshire. The Alton one has very strict criteria and has gained a reputation for real quality - it's brilliant to see what everyone makes. Winchester is pretty good too although there's no quality check, but so much choice that discerning customers know where to look! Well done you for planning New Year's resolutions already!

  2. Sorry to hear about your machine - the one in the picture looks very top of the range! I agree about the fairs - they can be so expensive to attend and if the items you are selling are fairly inexpensive, its a lot of selling to firstly get your fees back. Mich :)

  3. How are people allowed to get away with 'bought in' items? I will watch with interest the purchase of a new machine, the one in your picture looks like it could do everything except make a cup of tea:)

  4. The machine in your picture really puts mine to shame! Good luck with getting it!

  5. sorry to hear of your poorly machine, must say I wouldnt mind that new one in my christmas stocking this year please.

    I too gave up on fairs early this year, in my area they want to pay car boot prices for quality crafts so little point.

  6. Have you made a final decision yet. It has a lovely large sewing area. I had the option of buying an extra bit for my Saphire but it was £500 so I decided to manage without. I am sure I could get it for less on line if an when I bother to search. You will love it, It will feel like sewing with a Rolls Royce.

  7. Hi Caroline! Hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. :]


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