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I have finally finished my big stock sort, checking everything has a price tag, listing for an inventory and packing into some nice new plastic storage boxes. This task has taken longer than expected but had a very poorly puppy last week and with trips to the vets not much more done. Shiloh had Gastroenteritis not sure where or how he got it but as only 5 months old quite a worry and he came first in our lives, mind you not much different there. 

Inspiration is my blog theme this week as many of you know I am on a road to reinvention of my business, having done the sorting task this has enabled me to focus and look forward to 2012 I now know what I am going to do with the old stock, have a sale at the next 2 events and then on my website. My aim is where possible to completely clear all stock leaving me free for my new creations.

Definition of Inspiration: 

1. An inspiring or animating action or influence
2. Something inspired, as an idea.
3. A result of inspired activity.
4. A thing or person that inspires. 
Inspiration for me is all around me be it nature, magazines, people, shop window displays. I love the latter particularly small boutiques that whilst only having a small space, sometimes less than a standard craft fair stall, can produce a window that just speaks to you to take a peek and then venture into the shop. In our local town of Farnham there is a Milliners (Beverley Edmondson) not something seen much now but her shop window is just beautiful and only about 4 ft across. It just draws me in a bit like a child with her nose glued to a sweet shop window. 

My Inspiration:

I have a stack of journals that are crammed with pictures from magazines, photos of nature such as an Autumnal Morning to my own sketches of designs for that day when maybe, just maybe I get around to making. In the meantime these ideas are my dreams and those that know me know I have a love of stationery, no pretty notebook or notepaper are safe. The strawberry notebook at the bottom of the picture is my latest acquisition, by Cath Kidston just perfect for my new ideas of 2012. Empty at present but not for long, have a new pen standing by for the peaceful time over Christmas when I can live my dream and fill this perfect book with I hope some very special ideas.

I know I may never get around to completing all the ideas in my journals but they give me inspiration whenever I have a design block and often come with me on day trips to be able to read whilst waiting for DH to finish going through what feels like the whole stock of a second hand record dealer. Camera, pens and watercolours along with a bottle of water are always at hand a girl just never knows when creativity will strike.

Jill from Christmas Pie Crafts is a friend and crafting colleague we often meet for coffee to put the crafting world to rights. Like myself Jill loves stationery and bought some pretty little bulldog clips which she very kindly shared with me, thank you Jill they will come in so useful for my new venture.

Have a wonderful inspirational week what ever you do and remember you are never to old to dream or to try something new, just be happy and never look back and wonder what if? just go for it.


  1. Carole, I so need to those bull dog clips, they will just act as clutter as you search for inspiration... well it was worth a try.

    Hope that the puppy continues on their road to recovery and that inspiration blossoms!

  2. Inspiration comes from so many places, I never quite realised until recently. I have to carry a notebook around with me in my handbag and whilst i'm at my normal job I have pockets full of bits of paper with scribbled designs! From someone just starting out as a craft business, thanks for the inspiration and good luck with the revamping! x

  3. Sounds like you are going to get a severe dose of writers cramp over Christmas Caroline. Can;t wait to see some of your new creations, be like Christmas all over again won't it. Good luck with it all.

  4. Looks like you're off and running. Good luck with everything

  5. Good luck with the revamp. Hope Shiloh is on the mend!

  6. A lovely post Caroline, and I can see you have lots of planning planned (think that makes sense). 2012 sounds like a good year for you.

  7. Hope Shiloh gets better soon!
    Good luck with creating all your new ideas - can't wait tosee them.
    Jo x

  8. Hi these!
    Got the first test linky party on Bath Bomb Creations if interested!

  9. a girl can't have too many notebooks and journals are a crucial part of creating. Hope you have an inspirational week!

  10. Lots of luck with the creative thinking!

  11. Look at you with the inspiration. If you could send a bag this way I would love you forever hehehe. I hope all continues to go well with the revamp. You'll get a huge boost of achievement I'm sure!

  12. What an inspirational blog, yep, we should all follow our dreams as much as we can.Looks like 2012 is going to be full and creative for you.
    I hope your puppy is much better.


  13. I just love all your inspiration, and again one of your suggestions is for me, notebook must be in bag at all times, and a pretty one would be good too.
    Love the bullclips too.

    Wish you all the best for your future venture and look forward to sharing.

    Lynda x

  14. Love those bulldog clips and I hope Shiloh is feeling much better.

    Ali x

  15. I used to be a Window Dresser, way back in the 70's in Liverpool City Centre, it was a great job, my first job (very badly paid) but good fun.
    I love my sketch books and journals too, good luck with the re vamp and I hope puppy is coming along fine.

    Jan x

  16. Hope your strawberry notebook is soon brimming with inspirational ideas. Love your blog!

  17. Caroline, I loved reading your post. Nice to hear sometimes what others think and plan from within. My Blessings on your New Venture! I would love to get rid of so much stock that I have or even to cut back would be nice. With my Crappy year of health I didn't get to create all that I wanted to. Have a Wonderful week Sweet Caroline!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  18. Hi Caroline, I know its going to be awesome to start the year fresh and with all new ideas and stock! Cant wait to see what you come up with. I am trying new ideas to re invent myself as well. Its really alot of fun.
    I am hoping Shiloh is feeling better each day. Poor guy, give him a huge hug from his Pinkie Auntie Gail ((()))
    Have a great week,

  19. An inspirational read, echoes what a lot of us are 'mulling' over. I enjoy your blogs. Must be the time of the year, or time of life?

    Change happens whether we want it or not, so to be a step ahead by inviting it can only be good. Hope Shiloh's on the mend.

  20. Wow - such inspiring words in themselves! Hope it all goes well for you. Inspiration strikes at the weirdest times, so carry a pen and paper with you at all times to jot down those ideas! And by the side of the bed!!

  21. What a wonderful show and tell Caroline! You inspired me! thanks!
    The Polka Dot Rose

  22. Well, I'm so very late, everything here has been all in disarray as I get my craft room reoranized after the roof leak etc, but I'm here! I'm so sorry to hear Shiloh has been ill, hope that is over with, I hate when they are sick.
    I do love being surrounded by inspiration. I often get mine from nature, but I tend to just collect things too. Which is part of the problem I have now...too much clutter and I'm suffering through trying to pare down. :) Love those clips, btw, very sweet. Give Shiloh a hug.

  23. Enjoy that new notebook! I never cease to be amazed at how inspiration pops up from the most unusual places. A notebook (or several!) is so essential.


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