Sunday, 29 May 2011

A new Venture

Not much achieved this week laid low with a tummy bug but gave me the chance to sketch some designs, pattern drawn up, fabric chosen and funky safari and teddy at the beach
dungarees are born:

I have been toying with the idea of adding a baby and toddler clothing collection, this fabric spoke to me and cannot even remember where I bought it. I hold my hands up and admit I have a fabric addiction, cannot walk past a sewing shop without a quick look, you never know what treasures may lurk behind the shop doors.

Disco Diva Teddy Trousers

Remember the 70's? and Abba? in pale blue and pink edged with broderie anglais lace a pair of Disco Diva Bunny print fabric, perfect for a Little Princess.

Next project some tutu style skirts, watch this space.

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  1. They are super! Is it wrong to muss my dungarees from the 70s... that is until I need to dash to the loo!

  2. I love how you casually say you sketched a couple of designs and drew up a pattern, and when you not feeling 100%, it would take me for ever. Hope you are feeling better. The dungarees are great

  3. Always a great blog hope you are feeling better now, I am also a fabric addict as you can see in my blog this week Cant believe I have so much of it its crazy xxxx

  4. Hope you're feeling better Caroline. Love the dungaress! I know how fabric speaks to you :-)

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  5. Hi Caroline, How adorable. I love these sweet little outfits! I cant wait to see the tutu skirts! Have a great week. I hope you are feeling better too.

    (()) gail

  6. Love, Love, Love all of these. You should have NO trouble at all selling them. How very talented you are!
    Hope you are feeling better by now. Be sure you give yourself some time to get your strength back.
    Mary Patterson
    Mary's Cottage Treasures

  7. Just so cute! Can just see my grandaughters in these, they are great. Nice work. Hope you are feeling better.

  8. Sorry to hear you've not been well. The dungarees are fab.
    Hugs Sue x

  9. I can't believe you can just stitch those up! Funny I was talking to my husband about my old overalls (I guess the American term for dungarees) recently. And I just bought a pair (not as cute as these!) and have been so enjoying them! Clearly you are at the edge of the trend. :) Love that fabric.

  10. Hope your well on the mend! Good idea on baby/toddler projects. I think they would be very popular. Mums love to be 'different'

  11. Ooh, I love the colours of the first dungarees, they're fab :)

  12. My 1st lived in dungarees and pinafores as she was too slim for anything else to stay up!
    The safari ones are my favourite, but they are all great.

  13. Hope you are feeling better now!! It's great to hear you say how you just sketched and put together a pattern when you were under the weather - just so casual and laid back about it!! I wouldn't be able to create something like this when I am feeling fine lol.

    Love your work, the dungarees are fab - I remember my childhood dungarees, I used to love them :o)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

    Laura xxx

  14. Love the dungarees! Hope you are feeling better now! I completely understand having a fabric addiction as I am the same with paper...I love it when you see a piece and your imagination just starts running riot (well mine does anyway lol)

  15. Loving the dungarees! Hope you're feeling better :)

  16. Lovely and bright, I love them, hope your feeling better.

    Jan x


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