Sunday, 15 May 2011

Artisan and Spa Event

The day finally arrives up at 6:30 to put out road signs a last minuet shop, the hall starts to fill with stallholders and their goodies, the sun shines and the rain stays away. The footfall was no where near as good as we had hoped which was disappointing to say the least.

The best dressed stall was one by Sparkle Handbags with their beautiful display of bags and cheerful dispositions, they greeted customers and made them feel at ease.

Sparkle Handbags

Crafty Little Bookmarks

Soaps 4 You

Oils & Spoils

Claire Murray


Something Glassy

Monkey Matters

GJ Designs

Ditty Designs

Ann Fenton - Colour Me Beautiful

Little Hands and Feet

Therapy room

Along day hall cleared, home and unpacked a day of rest today (Sunday)

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  1. sounds like a very busy day with lots of fabulous stalls xx

  2. Wow! The quality of the stalls looks fantastic. Although I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the sock monkey stall... I spent friday afternoon sewing up eight of the blighters for a children's party!

    Your stall will certainly have not been out of place!

  3. The stalls look fab, shame about the footfall though. A lot of effort goes into planning an event like this. I'm sure you all enjoyed it - certainly looks that way :-)

    Thank you for taking part in HM x

  4. It looked really well organised!! Well done and I hope it won't put you off doing another xx

  5. I really enjoyed looking at the pics of all the stalls. I know footfall wasn't as good as you hoped, but I think you still deserve a huge pat on the back for organising your event. Hope you've got chance for a glass of something nice and a lie in tomorrow!!

  6. What a shame footfall wasnt as expected but i hope you have enjoyed the experience.
    Oils and Spoils and Something Glassy have caught my eye in your photos!!
    Looks a great mix of stalls, well done. x

  7. Looks like a good event with a nice mix of tables. I've just had an order for 3 sock monkeys so like Ros will be busy sewing next week, at least I can do them while watching t.v.

    Jan x

  8. What a wide variety of lovely stalls - shame about the footfall but I'm sure you all enjoyed yourselves.

  9. Caroline, The Stalls all look lovely!! Next year the footfall will be better!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  10. The stalls looked great, I hope you aren't too disappointed with lack of people turning up. The warm weather seems to be keeping people from shopping.
    You did a great job and should be proud of yourself.

  11. Everything was beautiful!

    Have a fabulous week.

  12. Looks like it would have been an enjoyable day, but shame the numbers were lower than expected :( Some great stalls though! HT x

  13. The booths all look so nice. I'm sorry it didn't go as well as you had hoped.

  14. Some lovely looking stalls there and the massage tables in that therapy room looked very appealing!

    Such a shame that the numbers weren't there but they didn't come out to the huge show I was at for two days either!

    Next time....

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  15. Some fabulous stalls, shame about the footfall. Still sounds like you had a busy / tiring day.
    Hugs Sue x

  16. Nicely laid out stalls. I've not done a fair, but it looks like a lot of attention to detail has been given. Look at it as: any publicity is good and its getting your name out there.

  17. A nice selection of different craft stalls.A great shame not to have a big turn out though. hugs Mrs A.

  18. Wow, you make me feel like I was there! Everything looks so nice. Thank you for the tour. :)

  19. Hi Caroline,

    I think every single booth looks absolutely fabulous. I enjoyed every single one. I know how much work goes into setting it all up. I'm so glad you shared it with us. I love your Show and Tell. And I hope that your finger heals super,duper fast. xxoo
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  20. Hi Caroline! My oh my what fun it must have been!
    Love the booths!
    The Polka Dot Rose

  21. What a great selection of stalls, something for everyone . Shame there wasn't a great amount of people, let's hope the next one is better.

  22. wow wish I'd been there! Hope you enjoyed your day of rest - looks like you deserved it! The soap stall looks really pretty. Anna x

  23. It all looks like it was lovely. The stalls were set up so nicely, you planned it all out very well. The next one will be even better, I'm sure.

  24. Hi Caroline, I read your post last night, I thought I posted, but I must be having one of those senior moments! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures from your event. It looks like some really pretty items for sale. I hope its the first of many to come! Have a nice week, and spend some time relaxing:)
    (()) gail


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