Monday, 25 August 2008

A trip to the sea

Went to Brighton today, DH to visit a record fair and me to stroll along the front, nothing like the bracing air of the sea to clear the cobwebs away and refresh you for the week ahead. Huh as you can see from the photo the weather was appalling and I only took the one shot from under cover, bracing was not the word, the umbrella ended up inside out as we shot up the road with the wind behind us. Things were a bit calmer when we stopped for coffee by the duck pond at first the ducks were in shelter but then the sun came out and so did they.

Finished my machine embroidered picture, hopefully will get a frame this week, another project done.

Was going to download picture of a card I made but my camera has now decided it will not work, will try again next week. Oops got it working now I think the USB is a bit dodgy.


  1. Hi Carolee,
    Tell us a little bit about Brighton. Although the weather was not good, it looks like a lovely place. Is your card a watercolor. It is very lovely....thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi! Caroline...thank you for sharing,,and I do love this weather..looks like Seattle WA, where I am. I love your cards!

  3. Caroline ~

    I love the handmade card, it is beautiful. The pictures of Brighton are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your day with us.


  4. Looks like the cloudy England I remember from my visit years ago...more pics please!
    Susan *dutchrose*

  5. Hi Caroline!

    It's such a treat to visit your blog every week. Love the pictures and love the embroidered picture. How creative you are! Love it.
    Have a great week!
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  6. Hi Caroline... Your trip sounds wonderful despite the weather.It looks just lovely. I really hope to be there one day. You Machine embroidery picture is beautiful and I love your card...Have a wonderful week. (())gail

  7. Nice pictures eventhough the weather didn't cooperate. Your card is lovely.

  8. Hi Caroline, It looks just beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time.
    Thanks for sharing, I love to see your pictures.

  9. Caroline that machine embroidery picture is soooooo coool! I love it. Was it fun to do?

  10. Hi Caroline,
    I love to hear of your adventures. Did your DH find any new albums this week? Glad you had a good trip. Love your new work.

  11. Caroline,
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your trip. Your card is very pretty!


  12. Hi Carolee....what pretty pictures and your day sounds lovely, except for the wind! Thanks for showing us. :)

    Pink hugs,

  13. I hope at least it was warm. The duck pond is lovely!

  14. Carolee, that looks like such a wonderful place to go strolling. I love the ducks!

  15. Hi Carolee! Loved your pictures of your outing. Very nice day. Your card came out beautifully. Grea job!
    Susie ~ The Polka Dot Rose

  16. Hi Caroline, Love your machine embroidered card, very unique! It looks so nice and peaceful at the pond, I bet the ducks enjoyed your company!
    Have a great week!

  17. I'm glad you were able to take a little break and get away for the day! My DH and I did that a couple of weeks ago and it recharged my batteries too! There is something about staring at the ocean and feeling the power and majesty of it that puts life into perspective for me! Thanks for sharing!

  18. How lovely !

    . Books have to be murder mysteries, ideally set in a Miss Marple type village. Quintessentially English

    OH for me too LOL. I love the Lord Peter Whimsy series and read it over and over and over.


  19. How spooky we were in Brighton on Monday 25th as well
    we went to the big bank holiday market then had lunch at the Marina
    nice day but it rained which was a shame


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