Sunday, 10 August 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Another Show and Tell Monday, only offering is a tassel bracelet, used seed beads had to be careful that none got on the floor, otherwise they would have been sniffed up by the dog.
Spending the next two weeks planning new designs for my Christmas Fair and Open House, so many ideas do not know where to start.

I was tagged this week by Inka from Inkings Designs, had to list 7 things you may not know about me, quite difficult this, so check out the other MMP blogs for the Pink ladies offerings.

Have just got out my bead looms so watch this space for some sample work also plan to do some roses in petit point.

The sun is now shining, after the torrential rain last night it makes a welcome change, planning a picnic on the front at Southsea with MIL on Tuesday, heres hoping the weather stays fine so that we can take a stroll along the front, finishing with an ice cream. Very summer.


  1. Hi Carolee,

    The tassel bracelet up close is just so pretty and sparkling. Maybe it was the flashlight from the camera, but I can imagine that as a beautiful accessory piece that one wears on their wrist. Just beautiful!

    Pei Li

  2. Very nice, Carolee. Must take alot of patience to do those beads.


  3. Caroline

    I love the beaded bracelet is lovely. I would never have the patience to make something so beautiful.


  4. Very pretty bracelet. Meticulous (sp?) work I'm sure. Your tagged post was fun to read.

  5. I cannot imagine beading like that! That is amazing!
    Susan *dutchrose*

  6. Hi Carolee,
    Your beaded bracelet is beautiful...I hope everyone clicks to enlarge, because then you can see its true colors. The combination of purple and green are outstanding and your work is meticulous. Thanks for your tag items. I've been tagged as well, and will do that this evening after work!!! What fun!

  7. Iknow what you mean about keeping track of the beads. I have hard wood floors and in the middle of the night the kitten will find a button and start to roll it and drive me crazy. She can find it but I never can! Beautiful work. Lilli

  8. Caroline,
    Wow!!! That bracelet is awesome. I have a hard time seeing seed beads anymore..Pretty funny about the dog sniffing them up!!!

  9. Caroline that bracelet is just gorgeous! I totally agree with you about working in an office. I hope to be free on day myself.

  10. Hi Caroline!

    You make the prettiest things! Love,love ,love the bracelet! Your jewelry should be in every store! And I just read 7 things about you. I'm with you on #1! I would rather work for myself than someone else any day! lol. And I see that you have tagged me! lol Oh boy I have been tagged 3 times already,but I will be happy to bore everyone with 7 more things they don't know about
    Have a fantastic week and hope you sell tons!
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  11. Caroline, That bracelet is just amazing. It must have taken much time and patience. It really is stunning. I love things like that.

  12. pretty bracelet. wish i could see it close up. it's not my thing to work with such tiny items, that is why i so admire those who do.

  13. Hi Carolee,
    What a beautiful bracelet. I can see Miss Marples young friend and companion wearing that at Bertrams Hotel, lol. I love mysteries, too.
    Thanks for tagging me, I was tagged and made a blog about it before I knew you tagged me. So, my 7 items are up on my blog. What is a Mondeo estate? A car, a bike, a motor scooter, (I am officially transportation illiterate, lol)
    Good luck with your home show, take lots of pictures, okay?
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  14. Hi Carolee! Very nice bracelet. You must have good eyesight!
    The Polka Dot Rose

  15. Hi! Carolee, what a very pretty piece..I love seed beads. You have a lot of patience...

    Cindy :)

  16. Hi Carolee,
    The bracelet is adorable! You must have a ton of patient and very good eyesight. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!

  17. Hi Carolee, I love that tassle bracelet, especially the color. So pretty. I'm going to check out your etsy site right now!

    xo Cathy

  18. That tassel bracelet is very cute!


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