Monday, 18 August 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Been a busy weekend making cards and knitting finished another neck scarf, this time in a mohair/silk mix. Cards were hand stamped with a water colour technique. All posted to Dawanda shop.

Weather has been up and down and the rain is getting a bit too much now. DH watching the Olympics to the extent that I wake at 4:00am and he has gone to catch more events.

Dragged the dog to the vet last week, not his favourite place but his annual check up was overdue. They have given him a steroid jab so now thinks he is 13 months not 13 years young.
Mind you his mental age has always been questionable.

BIL birthday on Friday have bought him a lovely samurai figurine and of course made the card, a nautical theme.

DH going to Brighton next Sunday for a record fair, if the weather is good I will walk along the front, normally quite busy and with it being a bank holiday weekend expect to see the crowds.
I enjoy this part of Brighton as quite eclectic part of the English seaside. will have a picnic on the way back, parking at Storrington next to the duck pond. Photos to follow!

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  1. Caroline ~

    The neck scarf looks so soft. Love the color too! Your cards are very pretty.


  2. Very Pretty Caroline! Sounds like you have been a busy bee... Have a wonderful day!

  3. The neck scarf is such a unique idea...that is a pretty color...
    Susan *dutchrose*

  4. Caroline, That is too funny about your dog!! That scarf is so pretty. I love the color. Always enjoy your S & T on Monday.

  5. Hi Caroline,, very pretty!! I am glad your furry baby is well. What a nice day trip to look forward to. I cant wait to see photos. Have a great day..(())gail

  6. Caroline, I'm laughing out loud that your dog thinks he is 13. Isn't it funny how cute they can be. I'm sure he will wear himself out in a day or two and do nothing else but sleep.

    Take care, Cath

  7. Hi Carolin,
    Ah...the Brighton Express....wish I could be there....from here it sounds very romantic!! You know, I want one of those shots your little fuzzy one got!!! Have a fun time and a good week!!

  8. Caroline, You have been very busy! I love the neck scarf--looks so soft! Enjoy your week! Pink hugs, Karen

  9. Hey Caroline,
    Love the neck scarf. It really looks so incredibly soft. Glad your furry kiddo is doing good. Amazing what those shots can do.
    Have a fun week.

  10. Hi Caroline! I liked your goodies shown for Show and Tell. And you dog is a riot!
    The Polka Dot Rose

  11. Hi Caroline,

    Sounds like you have a busy week ahead, and I hope your dog is doing well now? Your husband must be an olympics fanatic to stay up so late to watch them, but they only happen once every 4 years..!

    Have a great week!

    Pei Li

  12. Hi Caroline,
    The scarf and card are just lovely. Your trip sounds so inviting, I wish I was there. LOL. Have a wonderful week.

  13. Hi Caroline....your scarf and card are very pretty...thanks for sharing them with us! :)

    Pink hugs,

  14. Hi Carloee,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations with us. Hope the weather have cleared up. Talked to family back home and they got drenched this last weekend and they are already talking about fall, its hard to image when you live in southern California and the day temperature averages is 30C……..
    Thanks for visiting my S & T, glad your enjoyed the pictures. I realize now when I go back home how fortune I was to grow up where I did.
    Have a great pink week!

  15. Well that sure looks like a scarf to snuggle into during the winter! You sure are a speedy knitter!


  16. That mohair scarf looks like spun cotton candy. I'm betting it's as soft as a baby's bottom too. The pink beads are the perfect touch.

    Glad to hear the fur baby is feeling frisky. Can I get one of those shots? I can sure use it.

    I hope it's okay if I add a link to your blog on my blog!

  17. Hi Caroline,
    I'm with your husband, every chance I get I am glued to the Olympics on the television. We all have Olympic fatigue syndrome at work, lol. But it only comes once every two years (if you count summer and winter). I went to your Dwanda Shop and your gift cards are just delicious. The price looked great, but I am not sure about how euros convert, lol. Do you think your vet would give me one of those shots, lol. I would like to feel about 30 years younger for awhile, or even 20, hey I would even settle for 10....
    I would love to visit the UK, my grandmother was a McClain, and my brother visited the castle in Scotland. It is so interesting, but I really would love to see the gardens and the lake district. I am definitely an anglophile, lol.
    Oops, sorry for the long post, I should have just emailed you.
    Have a blessed day,
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  18. do you ever go the Brighton bank holiday market
    we've been a couple of times as we have friends that live there


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