Sunday, 13 January 2019

Just another Handmade Monday

Heard the Bangles song on the radio now cannot get it out of my head!!!!

Been quite productive and busy this past week have made a couple of reading pillows

A Cute Dragon


Not wasting any of the fabric some wrist key fobs

A new venture not yet published on my site but some party bags

Plan to add some personalised ones and more ready made, hopefully in the next few weeks.

Had a letter from Ford the car has been recalled for some update to the software to do with clutch slip detection. I thought I was driving a car not a computer!!!! Can remember my first car a proper mini and knew were the important things were under the bonnet. Now? Give Up!!! Off to the garage on Tuesday.

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That's all for this week folks!

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  1. Another busy week for you!
    You've made me laugh with the bangles song and now guess what is stuck in my head!!!


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