Sunday, 27 January 2019

Handmade Monday No. 111

Well it has been cold this week, not much in the snow department for us which is good but do not like this ice. Thank goodness work from home, see the neighbours cars driving out the road carefully and several that have slid not to mention people walking.

Been a busy week but do not seem to have a lot to show for it, waiting for some lace trim to finish a baby top but have finished:

Another reading pillow

With the remnants party bags

and a wrist key fob

Love to make but the photographs, loading onto the website etc is so boring.

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Until next week


  1. Your reading pillow is beautiful. The thread is lovely seems to g low #handmademonday

  2. Our daughter would have loved these reading pillows when she was younger. She had a cabin bed with a desk underneath and used to tuck books under her pillow. I swear there was 9 or 10 at one point, it's a wonder she could sleep with them all lumpy and sticking out!


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