Sunday, 8 April 2018

Handmade Monday No. 70

Hope you all had a good Easter. The weather was not so good either rain or snow and cold. Roll on spring.

Stock Sorting

As mentioned last week my first event is in May but always find it exhausting and stressful getting ready for an event. This year started early, the stock is now all labelled and dumped stored in the garden room. DH is not too sure about this as 6 weeks away but it is staying.

Back to this week:

Sunday: Updated blog post for last week. Priced craft books and added to Paypal app. finished off the stock sort as above image.
Bought myself a crochet book for beginners. Now have always wanted to learn, can do a very, very long chain but never understood how to go back and stitch. This book and hook came in a kit form and so far excellent. It clearly explains what to do in each step. Have started on the bag as shown, worked in SC. Will post a pic when finished. I think crochet could get addictive, lol.

Monday: What did I do all day?

Tuesday: Popped up to the farm shop for some more pea gravel for the back path's, delivery due tomorrow. This is a farm shop and nursery and they only have plants in season which is fantastic for us, this way we know what will grow. Plus very reasonable compared with the garden centres.

Wednesday: A day of doing nothing, could not be asked but did catch up on my magazines: Daphne's Diary and Where Women Create got some wonderful ideas to store away.

Thursday: Decided not to have a grocery delivery this week, dived into Sainsbury's for some basic's instead. Then onto the garden centre at Rake for a browse round. Such a beautiful day spent most of it  in the garden and walking and playing with the dog. Set up my embroidery machine for a project to start on Friday

Friday: Dog walk, washing out on the line and in my sewing room

Saturday: New section 'Parisien Boutique' all things French themed, so far

8" X 8" clutch bag

Tissue Case

Key Fob

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That has been my week, hope yours went as well. Until next time.


  1. Sounds like a very busy week. Look forward to seeing your crochet. I have dabbled, but can't help but find knitting more straightforward. I guess that saying about old dogs is true.

  2. Sounds like a lovely week with the right mix of work and relaxing. I'm excited that you are taking up crochet, you'll LOVE it! (well, I assume you will as I do!) Once you get it crochet is SO easy, there really are just a couple of basic stitches, and it's quick too. Have fun!


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