Sunday, 29 April 2018

DH's Birthday Week

Took last week off, not sure why but just felt I needed a rest. Have a lot coming up in the next few weeks so may be AWOL again.

Last weekend was DH's Birthday, had a lovely Chinese meal courtesy of M & S. Watched King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Very good, love this sort of film.

Back to sort of normal the last week. Did stitch out 3 bunny purses over last weekend.

In between an opticians visit, had to have 2 pairs of new glasses one for long distance and the others for sewing. My old sewing glasses are now for computer and my sun glasses will make do. Sadly DH was not so lucky, they did all the tests but have had to refer him to Royals Surrey Ophthalmology as he has a cataract that has developed quickly. It will need to be operated on. Quite a shock for both of us and he is a bit subdued about it now, gone very quiet.

In the garden the space between us and next door has always been planted with a horrible spiky plant (put in by old neighbours). We have finally removed our half then the new neighbour removed the rest as they did not like the plant. Edging boards put down, membrane and shingle for our side. We can now put the hose through the side of the garage instead of going right round the house, so much easier. More plants added, this time a Viburnum and 2 tree peonies, buds on already and so pretty.

That is it for this week, hope to be back next week.

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