Sunday, 15 April 2018

Another Handmade Week

The weather has again been hit and miss, sometimes dry, sometimes springlike and then the constant rain. Flowers bed's resembled mini ponds and it got cold, although the weather people may disagree. It was cold, brrrr!

Sunday: completed planner for the week, always do in pencil then day's can be changed. As my time is my own so good to be able to do what I want each day. Can always spare time for coffee with  friend.

Monday: A day of nothing, felt rough due to asthma so took it easy.

Tuesday: Cleaned downstairs and drafted a pattern for a new bag. Will be a crossbody bag. I have so much fabric and thought this would be a good way to use up the larger pieces.

Wednesday: Hair cut, Frensham Garden Centre then Forest Lodge, finally a trip to the farm shop.
Cut out the bag and pressed straps etc. Got the machine ready and finalised my Waitrose delivery.

Talking of my favourite grocery store. I love this 'Michael McIntyre on Waitrose' video, so funny and can watch again and again

Thursday: Clean the bedrooms and change the bed.  Looking back seems as if always cleaning, just like to break it down to easy. Waitrose delivery.
 Started to sort my dies, bought some magnetic boards from Hobbycraft, special offer if you bought 10 packs of 3 but not used them yet.

Must admit much easier than in a drawer and have found that I had a couple of duplicates, oops!!!!

Friday: You guessed it cleaned the bathrooms, that is all done now for another week.
Started the cross body bag, had to stop at a certain point as only ordered the D rings and sliders on Tuesday, they should arrive today. PS They arrived early and bag finished. 

Also ran up a personalised make up bag, this one is for Nana but any name or endearment can be used. Had to add a Swarovski hot fix crystal to the crown, a girl can never have too much bling! Can also be made in other colour's.

Saturday: Using up the left overs from the crossbody bag. Think this is better than putting in a drawer and taking up space:

2 Pixie Baskets - useful for all those bits and pieces, such as make up etc.
1 set of 3 Lavender Sachets
2 Handbag tissue cases
1 wrist key ring

Update blog and schedule for Sunday

Used the lawn raker to clear some moss on the lawn, put down some grass seed and DH rolled it in.
A busy week after all.

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Until next time when according to the long range weather we should be having a mini heatwave!


  1. Such lovely makes this week!

  2. Love the bag. So pretty and practical too.

  3. It is always nice to read your weekly craft updates :). The lavender sachets are so pretty!


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