Sunday, 11 February 2018

Mothering Sunday or not?

Do you make for Mother's Day? (11th March this year in the UK). I always used to but looking back have never sold anything. Could be because most of my events I did had an older audience and like me no longer had their Mum's around. Or because the market like all 'Special Events' are saturated with products at low cost, hence prices I cannot and will not compete with. So decision time......

I have decided not to do 'Mother's Day' per se but produce a selection of gifts for women that can be given for any occasion. A gift collection that is for any special occasion, could be Mother of the Bride, Birthday etc. This opens up what I have made to not just one day but all year round.  Have included a quilt for 'Mother' but again all Mum's have Birthdays etc. Will show you what I have made in a few weeks time.

Now down to work actually done, had some lovely card toppers from Hunkydory.

La Boudoir

Stitch Delight

Floral Breeze

Have another couple of sets to use will post when done.

I wanted to make some cards that were simple and quick to do but pretty, reasonably prices and hope that someone buying a gift may add one or two to their basket.

Onto Pixie Gift Baskets now, little fabric baskets filled with delightful goodies, hope to show more next week. Just in the pattern drafting and ordering things I need stage this week.

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  1. I think it's a great idea to open up your market as wide as possible. I especially like the sewing themed cards you've made, I'd be thrilled to receive one #handmademonday

  2. I like to make things for Mother's Day, I find a few people like to get their Mum something special. Keeping things a little more general as you have is probably a great idea though. The cards with the vintage sewing machines are just gorgeous. Right up my street!


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