Sunday, 18 February 2018

Coffee and Chat, Part finished projects and more cards

Another week and the weather with the rain has been horrendous, will always prefer cold and dry to mild and wet.

Met up with Jenny who runs Women Only Connected for coffee this week. Not seen each other for a while so a lot to talk about.

This weeks news:

Craft Studio Now Open

I have opened a section on my website for craft supplies, started with some pretty lace and organza creations. Can be used for card making and many other craft projects. Stitched onto crystal organza to add a shimmer.

More supplies will be posted over the next few months.

What else have I been up to? started a few projects, nothing to show though as still waiting bits and pieces to complete. One delivery though was going to be here Wednesday (14th) only to check and got that wrong but the 21st!

Been card making again, this keeps me occupied and does not tax my brain too much

Card for DH's friend

Bright and Beautiful Designs

Done 4 of a new set but then ran out of mini sticky pads. Hunted high and low but could not find any. Did find 3 boxes of blades for my craft knife, no need to order those.

The plan to really sort out my workroom when it gets warmer. In the sewing room everything has a place. Already found have duplicated some embossing dies!!!!

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Have a good week


  1. Some great card designs Caroline

  2. isn't it frustrating when you run out of supplies half way through a project? It still sounds like you've had a productive week though. I also find out I have duplicates when I tidy my stash. I am always buying glue pens, thinking I don't have any! Have a great weeek #handmademonday

  3. Such lovely cards, I like to have a good card making session now and again, get ahead of myself for family & friend birthdays. I imagine next time you are looking for blades you'll probably come across a stash of foam pads!


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