Sunday, 4 February 2018

Bookbinding and having fun

I mentioned the bookbinding kit last week, well started making and love it think if going to continue will have to buy a more supplies such as a press as the books sandwiched between tins is not that safe.

This kit is excellent as includes papers, a lot only supply the tools. When buying a kit I like to have everything I need in the box, nothing worse than opening a kit and finding you have a long list of extra products to source and buy. Highly recommended.

Now for the results, two bound note books and as I love notebooks could not be more perfect.

I would love make these to sell but take some time and the parts are not that cheap so unsure if worth it or not.

Loved making these this week and so unusual to make something for myself, think we all need to have some me time every once in while and forget the business part.

Had a request to stitch a ponies name onto his fleece, delivered on the 26th and collected all done on the 27th. Hope Pumpkin (love this name) approves.

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  1. Gorgeous books! They look so professional.


  2. I remember seeing someone at a fair selling handmade books, and they were doing much better than me. Good luck with your new craft. What a cute name for a horse "Pumpkin".

  3. Oh, your books are lovely. Maybe you can just make them as special gifts for special people rather than making them a business venture. It's so nice to learn a new craft isn't it?


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