Sunday, 3 December 2017

Theatre in a tin and the Christmas tree is up!

Christmas decorations and tree up, cards written and stamped ready to post, parcels wrapped ready for collection on Monday. All our Gifts wrapped and in the sitting room by the tree. Only 22 days to go, so excited. Finishing off the special food shop on Tuesday at M & S then Waitrose can do the rest.

As you may have gathered I love Christmas and whilst has changed since I was a child, still try to make it a magical time for the 3 of us (DH, dog and myself). Sorting films ready to watch.

Treated myself a few backs to a 'Theatre in a Tin', took a while to arrive as came from overseas. Got it made last week but had to wait for the batteries to turn up, note to myself read the description first. All done, lit and so pleased with it. My BIL made me a shop a few years back and have never done anything with the inside, this has got me moving to complete next year.

Also found a wonderful kit for bookbinding. Another craft I have always wanted to learn, ear marked to buy in January and fingers crossed may get a reduced price.

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Have a wonderful week x


  1. I love your theatre in a tin! Such a lovely idea.

  2. Aww your little theatre in a tin is gorgeous! The light makes it :) x

  3. That little theatre is a thing of beauty. Great find! I look forward to seeing your book binding adventures in the new year maybe!


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