Sunday, 10 December 2017

New creation

Only another 15 days until Christmas. Are you ready? We have 2 more food deliveries to go then that will be it. What we do not have can do without. I am sure I will have forgotten something. We did the M & S trip to Havant on Tuesday, spent an arm and a leg but got £40 off, mainly due to a voucher from BT broadband for £25, the rest were offers and my Sparks codes. so worth getting a Sparks card. Went to our local garden centre on Wednesday and all decorations have been reduced already. Think things are not so good this year for sales and am sure we have all felt that at events and online.

Well did make something this week a lace heart pendant, stitched on my embroidery machine, added some chain and a Swarovski crystal. The keys are so tiny. The thread is random blues and aqua's.

Got a knock at the door at 7am. Post man with a parcel! Frightened me half to death, checked the security first and there he was with his Santa's hat on, cheerful at that time of the morning, wearing shorts and it was freezing!

Off to plan my next project.

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Have a good week, same place next weekend


  1. Very pretty pendant. I love the colour turquoise.

  2. That necklace is lovely, I can't even begin to imagine how you made that on your sewing machine - amazing!


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