Sunday, 23 October 2016

Make It, Own It, Love It by Matt Chapple Book Review

Congratulations to Matt for winning the Great British Sewing Bee a worthy winner and for the publication of his new book.

Make It, Own It, Love It

I have been lucky enough to receive his book to review. Now I am passionate about sewing and just love the Great British Sewing Bee, would love to work in the studio, so airy and so many goodies to choose from.

Onto the book. Lovely hardback cover and packed with so much information from cover to cover.


Tools - A must for every seamstress and can never have too many

Fabrics - This can be a minefield but Matt breaks it down to easy to read and understand what different fabrics do and how they stitch

Stitching - Get to know your machine along with hand stitching guides and understanding patterns

Make It Your Own - Covering seams, fitting, alterations, embellishing, zips and pleats

Make It From Scratch - How to make some items without a paper pattern, to ensure perfect fit for you

Make It Wearable - Maintaining your clothes such as replacing buttons, zips repairs

Make It Live Longer - How to keep your clothes looking good for longer. in this modern world I think we are all guilty of discarding items that with a bit of love could be worn for several more years.

Each section is clear with detailed descriptions and pictures. I loved this book and although been sewing for 50 years I found it packed with useful information that had long since been forgotten.

I would recommend this book for any skill,  not just for beginners as the altering and customising sections are so informative. If like me you love all things sewing and can spend hours in a fabric and haberdashery shop, or know someone who does, Matt's book would be the ideal Christmas gift. I know I would love to receive this book, to spend Christmas afternoon by the fire reading.

Available on Amazon

Cannot wait for the next series of the Great British Sewing Bee

Happy Stitching

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  1. That does look a good book. I wonder if they will ever have a competitive knitting programme?

  2. I was a big fan of Matt in Sewing Bee last year, it's one of my favourite programs. The book looks good, I like the idea of a section on looking after your clothes to make them last.

  3. The book sounds really interesting, might be adding it to the Christmas Wish List


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