Sunday, 2 October 2016

A not so Handmade Monday

Been poorly the last few weeks, managed with the help of Anti B's to attend the Brocante, then ended up with a stinking cold on the Monday, laid me low for almost 2 weeks. Have done nothing but catch up on tv programmes and reading.

I am a sucker for pretty notebooks, garden centre displays are not safe as can always find something that catches my eye, hence why I have so many journals through the years, Being laid up have spent some time going through all my cut outs from magazines and said journals. Funny how ideas at the time seemed a good idea, lost interest or never got around to but now look a good idea again.

Watching Victoria, just love this era, think I may have been born at the wrong time, then again love all my gadgets so maybe not. Have a  reference book on shoes, Hats & Accessories, been looking for inspiration.

Published my Christmas section in my shop. I love Christmas decorating the house, food, browsing through the Radio Times for tv programmes to watch, record or download. Hopefully some snow with bright sunny days. anyway a collage of my Christmas items that I will be taking to the next Brocante.

Have fun and check out the other blogs at Handmade Monday


  1. Sorry you've been poorly, sounds like you have managed to keep busy though.

  2. Your Christmas gifts look lovely. I have been enjoying Victoria too, and sometimes think I was born later than my natural time.

  3. I'm also a Victoria fan - I am named after her after all, loving the look of your Christmas section.

  4. I do hope you feel better soon honey. I'm sure it's been nice to catch up on a few bits but so frustrating. Big hugs xx


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