Sunday, 10 July 2016

Vintage Baby and Fripperies

I subscribe to a new US magazine called Classic Sewing, mainly children but also weddings. Some wonderful project ideas and all classic styling.


This week made the linen hankie baby bonnet. Only problem I did not have a linen hankie so decided to make my own. You have to pull a warp and weft thread from all 4 sides, cut along these which gives a perfect square. Then pull out approx 4/5 threads about an inch in round all 4 sides. Fold the outer edges over twice and hand hemstitch round. Although this takes some time the result is so pretty and very peaceful to sit and hand sew. Once done the bonnet can be made with embellishments of your choice. I chose ivory lace round the front with lace hearts and organza ribbon for the ties.

Did not have a baby to model on so my silk flowers had to do. I loved making this and will certainly be making some more. Also think they would fit into my stall at the Home and Vintage shows.

This idea is a Victorian one and used to be given to a baby on their Christening, then when they got married they undid the stitches and had a keepsake hankie. I made mine with sturdy stitches so not an option and adding the lace to the front also puts paid to that idea but a good one.

Millifiori Pendant Necklaces

Some hand embroidered Millifiori pendants, found the hand embroidery very relaxing

Sold 3 within minutes of posting to my website, so happy.

Boho Style Bag

This is a new embroidery design and thought would look good in single colour embroidery, using a Paris print fabric. Adding the chain makes the bag special.

Fair props and display

Following on from the baby bonnet above finally made a sort of hat stand for displaying. Made from a kitchen roll holder, painted with Annie Sloan paint, half a 5" ball of polystyrene covered with fabric and lace added. Got the idea off Pinterest. Cost about £3.00 including the paint. Just goes to show how every day objects can be improved for craft displays.

Another display item, this time a towel rail (did have 3 various height bars but took out two of them). Bought years ago for £2.99 and have been using but without the paint or hooks and think looks much better painted than left as wood. Can use just with the hooks or add my pink wire heart.

As you can see I have found my desk in the workroom/stockroom. Still in the throws of a big sort out. All the surplus 'stuff' has been moved to the garden room, which now looks like a tip but this has given me room to work. Currently have the props and stock mixed together but want to separate and have to the two large shelves for stock with the smaller shelves for props. Finally when all done will do a stock take and make sure items are in the correct numbered boxes. Seem to spend a lot of time searching for items that the fairies have moved around, lol.

Got to decide with all the items I do not want do I put on ebay, facebook, table top or boot sale. Must admit not happy with boot sales as hate the way the gather round the car when you are trying to unpack. Doing this on my own makes it harder.

Notice Board

Treated myself to a noticeboard for my sewing room, from Crafty Little Me Crafts, so pretty but as soon as I unwrapped Lee whisked it away to put by for Christmas, so my treat has to wait.

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That is it for this week, have fun


  1. You've been so busy. The hat is adorable and I love that you made your own square and pulled the threads - I often use the technique to straighten up my quilting fabric and it breaks my heart that modern printing techniques mean designs aren't always square to the weave. Seeing your pink wire heart has made me pull a very similar rectangular piece from my Sally Army donation bag - I think I can make use of it myself. Finally I'm totally with you about car boot sales, when we were selling up to move here to New York we did them weekly and I almost had panic attacks before setting out knowing how we'd be 'attacked' for first pick of our belongings even as we opened the car boot, I have no idea how you cope with this on your own it was bad enough with two of us. Have a great week - Chris :D #HandmadeMonday

  2. Wow, you've been busy, I hardly know where to start! The hanky bonnet is just adorable, such a sweet idea. Your hat stand is just brilliant, and a bargain too you must be really pleased.

  3. The baby bonnet is beautiful, as are all your lovely makes, but the bonnet definitely has a special charm about it.

  4. I love the hankerschief baby bonnet. Really lovely. People just don't seem to have hankies any more.

  5. Omg such a great idea with the hat stand- need to get onto that! also love the bonnet and boho bag!! great work xx


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