Sunday, 24 July 2016

House Mouse and too hot

Got our car back all repaired, valeted and an excellent job, so happy. Bought a beautiful David Austin Rose and pot as a gift for our terrace.

Crafting front, well? made a set of house mouse cards and sent off to a friend for her opinion. Unsure whether to sell individually or as a set in 3's or 6's.

The verdict is back: Suggestion sell the cards for £1.80 each, 3 for £5.00 and 5 for £7.50. I think this is a good idea and better than a full set. My friend and her DH thought leaving blank was better as that way can be used for any occasion. The kissing mice, top right, could be for a wedding, engagement or anniversary. Christine is now going to be my Chief Reviewer as know she will give me an honest answer plus she understands the work that goes into handmade but can also see from a buyers point of view. Her DH is a wildlife photographer and sells his prints as mounted pictures and cards, again he has invaluable advice for me.

As you can see not done much on the crafting front at all, mainly because unable to access Selling Preferences on Paypal since the 13th. Cannot add, amend or delete products, they do not know what has happened but they had scheduled maintenance on the 14th? To me does not take an idiot to work out when it all went wrong. At this rate will have to look for an alternative, have looked at Nochex but just not sure as to be unknown. I do not want to pay large amounts each month or year as may not get the money back.

Oh boy has it been hot this week, well for 2 days, asthma bad and got hardly any sleep. Tuesday night because of the heat and Wednesday night a helicopter was going round and round for an hour with search lights, this was about midnight 'til 1am. Now I know a lot of you may like the heat but just no good for me, chest tightens and start to panic which makes me hotter. Went to Austria on holiday years ago and although as hot never had a problem as the air was pure and clean.

Well that is it for me this week, did say not done much at all. check out the other blogs at Lucy Blossom Crafts


  1. The house mice cards are fab and those prices are incredibly reasonable. Feel for you with those temps in the UK, it's crazy hot here too but air con is one good thing about having made the move to the States :D

  2. I love House Mouse, they are very cute cards.

  3. We went away and missed the hottest of the weather - typical! Sorry you've not been feeling good, I expect you are welcoming a more sunshine and showers type of week.

  4. Those cards are so sweet! I'm sorry to hear you've been suffering in the heat. I hate heat too. Not sure how hot it is there but you have my best wishes for cooler days xox My eldest son is an asthmatic so i know how difficult it can be. *hugs*

  5. I am not over keen on the heat. My daughter has asthma, although it often seems worse when the seasons are changing.

  6. Ahhh your little mouse cards are so adorable! I love that brand and so great for all sorts of occasions. I was mega hot here too last week! So glad it's cooled down a bit now. xx


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