Sunday, 17 July 2016

Painting, painting and more painting

Quite happy not to see another tin of paint for some time, the stairs took an age mainly because 3 walls go up the full height of the house, not an easy task. Could not leave Lee on his own as would have meant climbing down the ladder to reload the roller. Still, now done, he started on the landing now which is on terra firma and I am free to do what I like, hence sewing.

Rolled Shopping Bags

This weeks makes? had rolls of fabric which I got as a win in a competition a few years back and never used. Decided to make some shopping bags which roll up for convenience, popped in a handbag just in case.

Wanted some feedback and made 1 for a friend along with a set of 4 cards which I have added to my website, for her to test and let me know what she thinks.


Have a lot of old buttons both from my Mum and MIL, thought would use some to make boutonnieres wrapped in a faux silk ribbon, with added ribbon and lace. I love old buttons and can remember going through my Grandmother's tins when young. A treasure trove of tiny prettiness.

Roses Grow On You

This saying takes me back to the old 'Roses chocolate'' adverts with Norman Vaughan, they don't make them like they used to, lol

Back to crafting bought 2 fat quarters of this pretty fabric made into a couple of frame bags. The silver tone roses, not even sure where I got them from or when, just add something as an embellishment. Used up the scraps into a set of rose potpourri sachets. Still have a fat quarter to use but atm undecided.

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Until next week enjoy the summer


  1. Great fabrics you've used for your shopping bags and love that rose fabric too. You've taken me back a bit mentioning "roses grow on you"! :D

  2. I think the shopping bags will be a big hit. I have a similar one (shop bought) which I was given. I probably use it every day, as it is so handy, and folds up so neatly.

  3. You have had a busy week! I'm impressed with just how much crafting you have achieved - I think my favourite is the shopping bag:)

  4. Fabulous work Caroline I also love the new look to your blog backgrounds too.

  5. You've had a super productive week! Such beautiful makes! The boutonnierres are inspired!


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